Reckless Rumours

Any rumour in The Transfer Tavern that has been gargling lots of alcohol through our Beer-o-Meter is liable to find itself here in Beer Goggle Corner. So feel free to stop and stare at the tall tales and their sources that have been hitting the booze lately.

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    (No change) Liverpool quoted £30m to secure signature of Serie A hotshot
    4.44/5 | 9 Votes | 40 Pints in total!

    The Independent have Liverpool fans looking up with interest here in the Football Transfer Tavern as they seem to think…

  2. * * * *  
    (No change) Higuain a pipedream? 5 realistic alternatives for Liverpool to consider
    4.18/5 | 11 Votes | 46 Pints in total!

    Whilst Brendan Rodgers has been busy telling anyone that will listen that he expects it to be a quiet January transfer window for Liverpool, that hasn't stopped a host of…

  3. * * * *  
    (No change) The DREAM starting XI all Tottenham fans want by February 2nd
    4.08/5 | 13 Votes | 53 Pints in total!

    Tottenham fans in the Football Transfer Tavern are still on a high from their 5-3 win over Chelsea on New Year's Day despite Monday evening's tame 1-1 draw at Burnley…

  4. * * * ½  
    (No change) Manchester United target wants Old Trafford switch at ALL COSTS
    3.73/5 | 70 Votes | 261 Pints in total!

    The Daily Mail seem to have stopped Manchester United fans in their tracks here in the Football Transfer Tavern as…

  5. * * * ½  
    (No change) La Liga star offers renewed transfer hope to Chelsea
    3.58/5 | 12 Votes | 43 Pints in total!

    Metro certainly have Chelsea fans here in the Football Transfer Tavern looking up in disbelief as they claim that the Blues may…

  6. * * * ½  
    (No change) Liverpool all set to sign Ligue 1 ace before transfer deadline day
    3.52/5 | 48 Votes | 169 Pints in total!

    Metro certainly have Liverpool fans turning away from their pints for a second here in the Football Transfer Tavern this evening. This is…

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