Agent Stoking Up A Potential £50M Storm At The Lane

Date: 17th April 2012 at 7:49 pm
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Well things seem to be going from bad to worse for Tottenham at the moment. After the 5-1 defeat in the FA Cup semi-final to Chelsea it now seems Tottenham could be losing their prize asset Gareth Bale.

Bales agent has stoked transfer rumours of his clients imminent departure from London. Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett was quoted by French media as saying:

“Bale is the type of player PSG need…but he is very happy at Tottenham”.

Although the “he is very happy at Tottenham” quote may have many Spurs fans exhaling a sigh of relief is it inevitable the Welsh winger will leave Spurs?

The Daily Mirror claim Tottenham may be forced to sell some of their stars this summer should they complete a titanic slump and failure to qualify for the Champions League. Bale has been a long-term target for Barcelona – a move I’m sure he’d relish – but they are only willing to pay £30m for the winger, £20m below Spurs asking price.

Should newly-rich PSG stump up £50m then this may be an offer even Daniel Levy would struggle to turn down. This amount of money could see Spurs rebuild their squad and maybe strengthen weaker areas such as their forwards and defence.

Eden Hazard is a target for Spurs so you have to wonder whether they are already lining him up to be Bale’s replacement.

Tottenham fans what do you think, would you rather see Bale stay at the Lane or use his £50m transfer fee to improve the squad?

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0 thoughts on “Agent Stoking Up A Potential £50M Storm At The Lane

  • Lee Godwin
    4 years ago

    We’re a club moving forward and we’re also very close to having a team who can sustain a title challenge, sadly I think we all knew our run was a false dawn and the inevitable was going to happen like many other years.
    If he decides to go to Spain nobody can blame him and I’d have no bones about a 50m tranfer kitty, anything less and Levy should slam the phone down. Modders is probably on his way too, 40m for him too and that is a staggering transfer kitty that could buy Hazard and hopefully someone like Huntelaar.

    Whatever happens Bale shows he loves the fans every time he scores and we love him back, he’s been fantastic for us but he….like all players…..wants to win the big time trophies and we’re just noth at that level….YET.

  • Essexspur
    4 years ago

    Barcelona are only willing to pay £30m which is £20m less than Tottenhams asking price. Really??? Must have missed that press conference when levy came out and said bale was for sale but only for £50m. And why would he go to PSG. They can hardly win the French League. Sorry but just another shit stirring article that to be fair isn’t even worth a comment. Can’t believe I just wasted 5 mins of my life reading this

    • Frontwheel 2
      4 years ago

      Spot on mate

    • Tim
      4 years ago

      If it took you 5 minutes to read that you have bigger problems mate.

  • bubble9
    4 years ago

    Why on earth would he want to go to PSG and play in the French league. Thats a step down isnt it. Madrid or Barcelona I can understand, but not PSG

  • Peter
    4 years ago

    If we finish 4th (or 3th) Bale will stay, I presume. He is proud of wearing the badge. But, we have to be realistic. He is the best player on his position, so if he has the opportunity to become a legend at the current Barcelona or Real, you cannot blame him for leaving. 50£ should be a minimum for him. If we can still get 40£ for Modric, I would sell him immediately. For that amount of money, we can find a decent replacement, maybe one with better scoring ability, better strength more depth, and certainly a more motivated player. In fact, I would already leave him out of the squad against QPR and play Sandro and Parker who still want to break some sweat for the team. Maybe Levy and Harry (who will hopefully will leave as soon as possible) can start negotiating now instead of the last hour of the transfer window…

    4 years ago

    I no your very good site is called Transfer Tavern but please do some research . Both France and Spain are having problems with the very doge Eurothe new 45 p tax rule along with a better more competitive League means this sale wont happen. Lets say all this is wrong we still have the new fair play rules witch are really a backdoor way of a salary capping. PsG and Barca one may have loads of money and the other fame but the new rules will prevent this happening. All clubs are aloud a 40 million shortfall this year then nothing all revenue has to be earnedso unless Levey turns kind and lets Bale leave for 30 million he will be at Spurs next season happy or not

  • bobfoc
    4 years ago

    Barca are one of the most debt ridden clubs on the planet. They have been refinancing with their lenders for years and have massive interest payments. They made an exception for Fabrigas as he was one of their own. But they can’t just fork 30+ mil any more. Anyway, this whole story has no grounds anyway. Just idle chit-chat