Alonso wants to end career at Anfield

Date: 10th December 2012 at 7:00 pm
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There were cheers of joy from Liverpool fans in the Football Transfer Tavern after Daily Star journalist Steve Millar claimed that Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso might return to Liverpool in the near future.

According to Millar, Alonso is keen to end his playing days back at his beloved Liverpool and with the 31-year-old’s value quickly depreciating, the Spanish side appear ready to let him leave before his contract expires in 2014.

The report suggests that Alonso has a strong desire to link up again with Steven Gerrard who remains a close friend.

Alonso recently said about Gerrard: “He was a great influence. I learnt a lot from him. We are friends are keep in touch. He is so inspirational.”

The Spaniard enjoyed a memorable five year spell at Anfield, playing a huge part in the team famously clinching the Champions League in 2005 and fans would love to see him return.

However Alonso’s dream may be scuppered by new Reds boss Brendan Rodgers who is unlikely to pay out the large wages necesaary or large enough a transfer fee for a player reaching the twilight of  his professional career.

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0 thoughts on “Alonso wants to end career at Anfield

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  • patrick
    3 years ago

    If Rodgers had the chance to take back Alonso and didn’t, he would lose a lot of fans.

  • Donncha
    3 years ago

    Please let it be true. I actually Alonso could still have a lot of quality to bring to Liverpool with his style of game. As long as we weren’t spending too much money, as at 31 he is hardly a young man, but there is nothing like bringing back a man who really wants to be at Liverpool !!!

  • DerekW
    3 years ago

    Yes, let it be true, and the sooner the better

  • gideon
    3 years ago

    More nonsense. We should never have sold when we did. There are so many reasons why he wouldnt come back. Not going to happen. Lets move onwards an look at the future.

    3 years ago

    i agree we need to look forward now Alonso would be great but we already have Lucas Allen Shelvey Hendo Cole Gerrard and even Enrique when asked to play and more we have to sell before we add and we cant look back now we must move forward and buy a striker

  • chirans
    3 years ago

    yeah we will be very happy to see our alonso back,that is where we are going to finish top four.

  • ebri
    3 years ago

    We can finish top four if we do the right thing not just bringing Alonso back but by bringing the right strikers who can fill that vacuum

  • Light
    3 years ago

    And its Alonso….! Wat a goal frm the midfield. Never forget him 4 his shot power. If he wants back, am a huge fan, let it be. But realistically, i dont see that happening

  • Reghan
    3 years ago

    I can’t wait to welcome you back with open arms Xabi. Please come to Liverpool

  • Maxmos Banda
    3 years ago

    He NWA if he returns but lets look 4ward 4 Suarez patterner

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