Are Your Club’s Season Tickets Value For Money? We Rate Premiership Prices

Date: 27th May 2012 at 6:53 pm
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In case you’re worried Southampton fans, I haven’t included your prices on here because they haven’t been released yet.

[Also, these ratings are given from an all round perspective; so if you think that that club you love more than life received too low a mark, do argue an actual point rather than burst into tears. Thanks in advance. Ed]


Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £985-£1955. The Emirates may not have the number one team but it tops the table of expensive season ticket prices. The most expensive ticket is £1955 which includes 7 cup games, so you can watch the future stars of Man City get a run out too. This price has been frozen from last year due to the ‘economic climate’ so that’s one less thing for arsenal fans to moan about.

Value for money rating:  4/10.


Adult season ticket prices £295-£580. After the season they just had it wouldn’t be a shock to see Randy Lerner giving away season tickets outside Birmingham City’s ground but instead the American owner has decided to freeze season ticket prices for 2,000 seats before 1st of June.  Extra points too, for the introduction of a family ticket, including two adults and two under 16’s, for only £695. Last season that would of cost more than £1100.

Value for money rating:  7/10


Adult season ticket prices £595-£1,250. Given the current economic climate Chelsea felt it was necessary to freeze all price of tickets domestically and make a cut on prices for the Champions League. Even without a waiting list it is rare you find empty seat at Stamford Bridge so for that I salute you Roman Abramovich.

Value for money rating:  8/10


Adult season ticket prices £399-£597.60. After yet another fine finish to the season, the blue half of Liverpool have decided that even with a price increase on the early bird tickets, Everton is the club to go and watch all season. 20,000 already signed up for next year and with a new £95 ticket for junior school children, more could follow.

Value for money rating:  7/10


Adult season ticket prices £399-£909. Those who are lucky to have the picturesque ground known as Craven Cottage as there footballing Mecca will have to stump up the cash as there is an overall rise of 5% for season ticket holders. Lots of numbers are being thrown around but basically, if you’re a family then you’ll be fine but if not better start saving your pocket money.

Value for money rating:  4/10


Adult season ticket prices £725-£780. Thanks to a poor season at home this year season ticket prices at Anfield have been frozen. After only six games won by King Kenny at home all year it is only right to allow the fans a chance to see their club perform better  for no extra cost, let’s just hope the new manager makes Anfield a fortress again.

Value for money rating:  6/10


Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £275-£745. It’s not cheap winning silverware in football and as City fans will have to get used to, it’s not cheap watching them win it either. An overall 6% increase and some adults and 18-21’s will have a 10% increase.

Value for money rating:  4/10


Adult season ticket prices £532-£950. After the price hike last year the Glazer’s are doing there bit for the fans by freezing the prices this year. Whether this will be considered by any United fan before they grab their green and gold scarf and start chanting “Glazers Out!” is doubtful but the purchase of a few top class players may change things.

Value for money rating:   5/10


Adult season ticket prices £373-£717. With waiting lists occurring at the Sports Direct arena for the first time since 2000, the cost of finishing fifth may be heavy on Newcastle fans. With a ten year incentive to freeze ticket prices till 2021, a new nine year scheme came along not so long after, if your renewing or getting a season ticket for next season then expect a  5% increase.

Value for money rating:   6/10


Adult season ticket prices £547-£608. Considering that the cheapest adult season tickets have gone up nearly £50 and some kids will have to pay twice as much to watch the Canaries next year, it is a nice surprise to see that 22,000 season tickets have already been sold. I’m sure Stephen Fry’s eager to see Paul Lambert stay along with many others.

Value for money rating:   5/10


Adult season ticket prices £499-£949. Tony Fernandes has done well to freeze prices after the previous owners smacked on a 40% increase after the promotion party ended this time last year. Considering it’s the smallest ground in the Premiership it’s no surprise they have a waiting list but how many of them will turn to Upton Park for the Chisora Hayes fight now that Barton is banned.

Value for money rating:   7/10


Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £375-£425. With promotion comes the inevitable price risefor the season ticket holders but thanks to some early bird prices, a few fans will be paying less than some Championship fans next year. Another club with a potentially record breaking waiting list, let’s hope Reading will be another breath of fresh air along with Swansea and Norwich.

Value for money rating:  7/10.


Adult season ticket prices £399‑£599. Early bird prices have been frozen for the fifth consecutive year at the Britannia with the club hopeful the record breaking 22,000 season ticket holders will be improved upon this year. With 25% under the age of 21 they also have very competitive prices for the younger ages. Perhaps treating the fans well can make them loyal, what a novel idea!

Value for money rating:  8/10.


Adult season ticket prices £425-£525. Thanks to Martin O’Neil, Sunderland managed a 50% increase in early bird season tickets this year. Freezing the prices must have helped too, as things are looking up at the Stadium of Light. A new “Wear on our Way” scheme costing £20 which includes bus and metro travel to the game from anywhere in Tyne and Wear gives Sunderland a much deserved pat on the back.

Value for money rating:  9/10.


Adult season ticket prices £449-£499. How much would you pay to watch the newly dubbed Welsh Barcelona? For the season it will be under £500 pounds depending on age, but thanks to the new style adopted by Brendan Rodgers, the attendances have gone up 25% from last season which goes to show that tiki-taka is popular in the valleys.

Value for money rating:  6/10.


Adult season ticket prices £730‑£1,845. The second most expensive prices in the league don’t even get Champions League football next year. Shame, but at least the club aren’t charging more for it, oh wait they are. In fact the rise is more than 5% for the cheapest adult season ticket holder. With a waiting list of 30,000 for 23,500 tickets, you can see why Mr Levy would love a move to another stadium.

Value for money rating:  6/10.


Adult season ticket prices £349-£449. The only club to actually make a substantial cut in their prices are West Brom, except the over 60’s price which has been frozen, . With adult prices down by £50, under 18’s discount extending to under 21 which is a £70 reduction, and under 16 discount extended to under 17 which is a reduction of £30. Looks like Adrian Chiles will be happy.

Value for money rating:   10/10


Adult season ticket prices for 2012-13 £600-£850. After promotion from the playoffs, the partnership of Gold and Sullivan will have to keep their promise of making season ticket prices the same as when they were last in the Premiership. Although adult prices are higher than most, the prices for younger fans is competitive.

Value for money rating:  8/10.


Adult season ticket prices £255-£350. Whether they have the same manager with the same philosophy next year is still uncertain but they do have the cheapest prices in the league. The most expensive seat at £300 for adults renewing before 24th June is still £25 lower than most of the cheaper tickets in the Premier League. Let’s just hope the first half of the season isn’t all doom and gloom for their sakes.

Value for money rating:  8/10.

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0 thoughts on “Are Your Club’s Season Tickets Value For Money? We Rate Premiership Prices

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  • wondrinfree
    4 years ago

    Clearly you are a Chelsea fan judging by their score you gave and your comments. I am not sure how you can say that Chelsea gives better value then City when City’s tickets are cheaper and City are more successful. They also have a line up of current superstars not has-beens from when Abromovich was interested. Now I am not a City fan and can happily moan about them buying the league but then so did you lot, they just happen to be much better value for the fans which is what this blog is supposed to be about.

  • Ian Wilson
    4 years ago

    How can man City be 4/10 when their prices for title winning football are much less than Man United (5/10), Liverpool and Spurs (6/10)???

    Is there any system or logic in your ratings? Looks like another silly internet article to me.

    • The Truth Hurts
      4 years ago

      City have cheap ticket prices because the demand is low! Great football-definitely! Fan base is quite small

  • Boris
    4 years ago

    Ha ha. City’s ST’S are £500 cheaper than Liverpool’s yet you’ve given them 4/10 for value. Must be a joke.

  • Alphie_Izzett
    4 years ago

    My adult season ticket for £290 and you mark City 4/10?
    Cheapest seat at OT £525 and you mark United 5/10?
    AS for the Anfield bin Dippers, cheapest adult seat £725 for watching their dire team fail to win week after weekand they rank at 6/10 on your scale!!
    May I suggest you do a bit of quality control on your own meanderings before going to print!!?

  • Cookster
    4 years ago

    City voted best by independent panel. Jog on WUM.

  • Hatchet ma
    4 years ago

    What a blinkered bias load of tosh, City 4/10 and yet they are prem champions, played the best football by far, scored the most goals and conceded the least and there season ticket prices are still way lower than west ham 8/10, arsenal 4/10, chelsea pensioners litterally 8/10, fulham 4/10, bin dippers 6/10, rags 5/10,qpr 7/10, spuds 6/10 please tell me how you came to this conclusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian
    4 years ago

    Shambolic work here. Man City have incredibly cheap tickets and are champions who play attacking football and they”ve been given a 4. I’d love to see the criteria upon which you determine the grading you complete and utter tosser.

  • Jezzy
    4 years ago

    stupid, stupid, stupid ratings

    how can Wigan, as the cheapest, score less than teams that are more expensive?

    Would they have scored higher if they gave them away for free?

  • Paul C
    4 years ago

    Crazy scoring system

  • Rob G
    4 years ago

    Hatchet Ma – while i agree man city’s season tickets sre better value than this article suggests, don’t you mean “Chelsea pensioners literally, the champions of Europe, whose win last week makes your premiership look like the carling cup”?

    • Hatchet man
      4 years ago

      But we are talking about season tickets, that doesn’t include away games or cup competitions, just standard premiership home games that a season ticket is paid for.

    • spoony
      4 years ago

      It’s the first and last one you will ever win. You have used all your luck and won’t get away with negative play in future. city are on the rise, your on the decline, i salute your achievements but it doesnt conceal the cracks.

      • Rob G
        4 years ago

        Some might say two goals in injury time is a bit lucky mate but well done anyway, nice to see a new premier league winner.

    • Tells the truth
      4 years ago

      Parked the bus for 3 games and think they are good, 25 points and 37 goals behind, enough said.

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