Is This A Potentially Exciting Deal Or Just ‘Made Up’ By The Sun?

Date: 18th November 2012 at 5:25 pm
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With Walcott’s future under much dispute, reports suggest that Arsenal may try and off-load the winger in a make-weight deal for Sterling, plus a further 8 million on top. Would this be an adequate deal for both parties? Somehow I think not.

If you were to look at it purely financially, then this deal would make sense. Although with Sterling’s stock high and Walcott’s somewhat lower, I can’t see Liverpool taking the bait. Don’t get me wrong Liverpool would make a huge profit on Sterling,  receive a player with a lot of potential and also money for the striker they need.  However accepting this deal would be a backwards step for Liverpool.

With Sterling they have a up-and-coming star at 17-years of age, skinning people over a decade older than him, consistently performing at the highest level and working well in a team rather than working for himself. Two of those categories I don’t think apply to Walcott.

If Arsenal were to get Sterling then I think that would be a massive coup for them. At the moment Walcott looks certain to go, but with Sterling and Oxlande-Chamberlain they would have two of the best up-and coming wingers in the Premiership. Although I think  some Gunner’s may be hesitant to put too much faith in a player so young; and of very little experience.

I still think Walcott would be a good signing for Liverpool though. By playing off of the striker I think he could score a lot of goals. However Liverpool aren’t a small club, they are one of the biggest in the world. Clubs like Southampton, Swansea, West Ham – these are teams that sell their youngster’s for profit at the price of their future. Liverpool as it seems, are wanting to invest in their future, so why would they aim to cash in on one of their best youngsters?

What do you think ? Would you accept this deal? Have your say below. 

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0 thoughts on “Is This A Potentially Exciting Deal Or Just ‘Made Up’ By The Sun?

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  • emmanuel
    3 years ago

    you are crazy. Stop writing nonsense if you still want me especially to be reading your articles you have got to wise up!

    • Well i like the idea let theo go and bring in sterlin,that should be ok by me o
      3 years ago

      Dat’s gud idea 2 mi

  • Nigel
    3 years ago

    I wouldn’t take Walcott at the expense of sterling, but I would take Walcott to bolster our attack if the deal was reasonable as his contract is ending soon….

  • denny
    3 years ago

    surely lets gve walcot a chance nd thez things a done profesionaly.az 4 me i prefr 2 hve bth at arsenal,but am thankful hvng walcot nd he is bcmng bettr nd bettr.am not seeng wengr accptng dat deal as we hve gnabry,ryo,ox nd othrs.we hve big squad nd it just form nd injuries abit .lets gve them a break parls.

  • Harry
    3 years ago

    Lol, Walcott plus 8 million for Sterling?

    Seriously what are some people thinking….a coup for Arsenal, a massive backward step.

    Sterling is still nothing more than potential, dont think he should be in senior england either…..he may yet blossom into a real talent, but in replacement of Theo, never….

  • Oguntuase Amos
    3 years ago

    What else can Walcott prove after 6 years of ample opportunities? He is just an average player but a defensive liability for any team. Sterling work rate and defensive ability are much better, he only needs some polishing. The bargain is good but the £8m on top is too much.

  • john
    3 years ago

    walcott couldnt lace sterlings boots

  • Hard Ogura
    3 years ago

    People you need to respect you players. Walcott is an arsenal player and Sterling is a liverpool player, so appreciate what you have and admire others . Don’t start mixing things up here. Walcott loves arsenal and want to try upfront where we are struggling with new faces, yet he can also deliver as he has ever been at southapton. Give him a chance other than scaring him with replacements as if he has said he wants to go.

    We need to learn how to treat what we have and those that love us. It will take long to convice another player of Walcotts calibre to join arsenal as it has been trophless for yrs. How much will he cost you? will he have a strong love for arsenal like walcott?

    It would be better to use Theiry Henry to be a middle man btn walcott and Wenger for walcott to stay and do his business with arsenal the club he loves.

  • afc1
    3 years ago

    He wouldnt have to

  • Umoh Ekwo
    3 years ago

    Sometimes I just wonder how people get their news. Wenger, let go Walcott plus 8m for an unproven 17 year old? That’s a crazy proposal. Can’t happen.

  • Enkuneh
    3 years ago

    it’s nonsense! Walcot is a person with amazing striking potential but the manager preclude him to find himself. I tell you the truth he will be above Henry’s calibre. peoples are criticizing him over his duty as a wingers but he doesn’t have technical ability to do some defending and dribbling thing. Wenger and peoples are watching only his pace and forcing him to produce their maximum expectation out of unnatural post. but as a striker, he is fast, accurate and has agile mind while decision unlike gervinho. so who the foolish on the planet earth would compare him with a teenager called sterling who may or may not develop.
    Walcot might be sold just to save the balance wage he belong as of market value but we will see Wenger filled with regret and eat his own arm.

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