Arsenal’s ‘Unique’ Transfer Policy Takes Yet Another Amazing Twist

Date: 19th November 2012 at 9:02 pm
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Arsenal’s transfer policies are confusing. At least, they are to me. In recent seasons we have seen how Arsenal have allowed some of the best players in football walk out their door because they are not prepared to break their wage structure, or because they are more concerned with maintaining profit margins than winning trophies.

Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy and most recently Robin Van Persie are some of the big names that The Gunners have let slip into the open arms of rivals in the Premier League or overseas (in the case of Fabregas).

Today’s story is another baffling one. Carlos Vela, 23, could be returning to north London. After purchasing Vela in 2005 he was loaned out by Arsenal 2 seasons in a row due to work permit issues. Vela played well for Arsenal from 2008 to 2011 but was again loaned out, this time to West Brom in January 2011.

He spent last season again on loan to Real Sociedad and managed to secure a permanent contract at the Spanish side this summer.
After such an up and down few years, yo-yoing between countries and clubs, one would have thought Vela might seek a certain level of balance in his career. A move back to Arsenal seems highly unlikely after finally finding a permanent home in Spain.

This rumour has likely surfaced due to the current situation with contract rebel Theo Walcott. Walcott will have plenty of suitors when his contract expires and he would be sorely missed at Arsenal. If the powers that be at Arsenal cannot pull their finger out and put a pen in his hand, there will surely be a gap to fill in Arsenal’s squad.

Having been passed around like a peace pipe by Arsenal since his arrival I would be flabbergasted if a) Arsenal saw Vela as a replacement for Theo Walcott and b) He would even open an email from Arsene Wenger, let alone more contract talks.


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0 thoughts on “Arsenal’s ‘Unique’ Transfer Policy Takes Yet Another Amazing Twist

  • Paul
    3 years ago

    Wenger shuld buy a better players not some one like Vela.

  • afc1
    3 years ago

    I dont know about this being crap. if u go onto the premier league website and look up players there are a number of players who we are led to believe that have left the club. yet according the site they are listed as active players. its a strange one as it appears to be very up to date with regards to players that have arrived but not of those that have supposedly departed.

  • Akin Akanji
    3 years ago

    Arsenal FC board truely lacks ambition.How much will it cost the board to keep a proven player like Theo?Why not sell the surplus to requirement players instead of TW14 to balance the so called book.AWenger must do everything within his power to see that Walcott stays.Gunners for life.

  • Taiwo oriyomi
    3 years ago

    We need walcott to extend his contract not vela that we hv already 4get

  • maxwell
    3 years ago

    I think there are better things to write about. This to me is one of those making news crabs…

  • jibs
    3 years ago

    dis most be a child play,we need quality players not vela type,if wenger knew he was good why all the loans and later the permenent transfer

  • dubs
    3 years ago

    Vela destroyed Valencia last week. Just saying, every Real Sociedad attack goes trhough Vela.