Big Sam’s Cheeky £2M Bid

Date: 5th July 2011 at 4:14 pm
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New West Ham boss Sam Allardyce will place a £2m bid in the hope of securing former Hammers favourite Joe Cole. Considerably down the pecking order at Anfield, and with manager Kenny Dalglish scanning the market for further reinforcements, it is likely the bid will succeed.

Cole started his career at Upton Park where he caught the eye of fans as an exciting, direct attacker. After being made captain at the age of 21, Cole moved on to bigger and better things with a high profile move to Chelsea, winning several titles during his time there.

A free transfer to Liverpool last summer gave Cole the chance to rejuvenate his career after failing to hold down a starting place at Stamford Bridge. But a culmination of injury and lack of confidence have dictated a poor showing from the former England man so far.

Allardyce is keen to bolster his ranks in order to give West Ham a good go at promotion this year, and is shrewd enough to know that Premier League experience will be key to that, as evidenced by the laudable signing of Newcastle’s Kevin Nolan.

Still aged only 29, Cole has a fair few years left in him, and may view a move to Upton Park as just what he needs to get back playing regularly and performing to his true ability. It is difficult to see Dalglish fighting too hard to keep a player who contributed so little last year.

The Liverpool boss is seeking wide players to provide ammunition to star signing Andy Carroll, frequently being linked with Aston Villa’s Stewart Downing and recently to Valencia’s Juan Mata. With fan favourite Dirk Kuyt occupying the other wing, it is again difficult to see where Cole fits in to the starting line-up, and so a move to West Ham, despite connoting a drop down to the Championship, could be best for all concerned.

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0 thoughts on “Big Sam’s Cheeky £2M Bid

  • Bill
    5 years ago

    Cheeky barsteward tell the fat git to do one.

  • mikky
    5 years ago

    Oh yer coz West Ham have a spare 90k a week to pay him in the championship. jtfo.

  • redz
    5 years ago

    take the money and run..

  • SuaRed
    5 years ago

    Result!! I agree with Redz

  • hadi
    5 years ago

    good money

  • jk
    5 years ago

    take the money and get him off the wage bill

  • pfft
    5 years ago

    Absolute turd never going to happen Cole thinks hes to good but hes not hes injury prone and useless it would be like Dyer all over again

  • Steven
    5 years ago

    2m per season is what B I G S A M eats…
    Keep eating S A M…

    • tom42
      5 years ago

      love it this made me smile

  • barry mc
    5 years ago

    bite their hand off