Would You Take Sturridge …or Walcott?

Date: 24th November 2012 at 10:11 am
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With transfer talk rife this time of year, Daniel Strurridge has emerged among the names yet again as Liverpool look to Solve their striking problem. Having reportedly missed out on the forward in the summer, what can the Merseyside outfit expect should they acquire his services?

In Strurridge you get a player with plenty of guile and finesse, however for all of his attributed the player does not score enough goals to shrug off the “Selfish” jibes he receives.  Alot of the time I have seen Strurridge he comes across as wasteful, arrogant and yes, “Selfish”. From what I have seen Strurridge is more interested in himself than the team,  by showboating and lagging behind when defensive duty call.

Rodgers is however, for what I’ve gathered, a man-to-man coach. Very focused on the Moral of his player and trying to get the best he can from them. If he thinks that he can get the best out of him, then I’m sure that he will go in for him. Like I said the lad has all the potential and tools. However his decision making lets him down. Maybe if anything, falling behind Torres in the pecking order will have taught him something. Chelsea are being to become more a team unity, and maybe that was a message to Strurridge along the lines of “Play for the team, or sit on the bench”.

However I think, an this is were the rumour falls short of reality is in the amount that has been mentioned in the press. 15 million is by far an huge amount of money for the player, but I guess he is English. I think for the amount of money your talking, Walcott would by far be a better fit for Liverpool, Strurridge seems like he needs to do a bit more learning before reaching his full potential. That’s if he ever does.

 I would be surprised if he did go to Liverpool, however I have been surprised before. What do you think, would he be a good signing? Have your say below.

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0 thoughts on “Would You Take Sturridge …or Walcott?

  • dave pownall
    4 years ago

    i would take neither not good enough sorry.

  • Adam
    4 years ago

    I would take Sturridge over Walcott, although a tight decision. Sturridge is much more clinical with his touch in front of goal which is what LFC need rather than a ‘quick across the floor’ player. Walcott has done well so far, he’s been impressive but there are mistakes in front of goal. Sturridge hasn’t played and hasn’t been impressive as a result, but look at what he did at Bolton, because he played regularly. Also, I feel Sturridge will better complement the LFC team. The sticking point is cost, £12 m maximum.

  • Sam
    4 years ago

    None of them, sueseta at Bilbao is better then both. There are many wingers- wide attacking players better then over aid English drivel. Tello would go well at Lfc. He is a great young player. We need an out and out goal getter and while Walcott is better then sturridge I’d like a goal machine in. Huntelaar for a cheaper price because of his contract. David villa would be perfect never mind his age, he is leaving barca in jan or in the summer. Cavani would be the one, fsg need to make a statement, cavani would be win win deal

  • Jack
    4 years ago

    Neither. Instead, convert Jamie Hoofer Carragher into a striker. This player is not only a natural in any 6-yard box, he also knows where the back of the net is. Being the world’s highest scoring CB, (though all the goals scored were own goals) is testament to his scoring prowess. Tactically- and technically-inept, Carra would cause endless chaos and panic for both team mates and opposition alike. The mayhem that ensues would allow the Reds to exploit the situation and hopefully score a goal or two.