Simply ‘fitness’ for Beckham

Date: 29th January 2013 at 4:45 pm
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beckham.jpgHere at the Football Transfer Tavern we raised our eyebrows when we saw David Beckham training with Arsenal and the Daily Mirror claim this is not about to lead to a move for the former Manchester United player.

Becks of course is considering his future after leaving LA Galaxy and has been linked to a number of clubs. The midfielder won everything there was to win in the MLS and decided it was time to move his family back to London. After moves to the Far East and Italy were either rejected or did not quite come off, the former England skipper has been left to ponder his future.

Arsene Wenger claimed that all Arsenal got out of allowing the 37-year-old to train with them was: “Questions in a press conference and helping someone who deserved it.”

He elaborated further noting: “He has asked to come here and to work on his fitness. He has not done anything for a long, long time. He has come here to try and be fit again. There’s no speculation about signing or anything. I believe that he’s come here purely on fitness purposes.”

Of course Becks is a media darling and the press would be thrilled to see him end his career in England yet The Times reported in November that the player himself would be reluctant to join another Premier League club due to his illustrious spell at Old Trafford and lingering affection for Manchester United.

Do you think Becks could have done a job for Arsenal anyway? Let us know your thoughts below.


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0 thoughts on “Simply ‘fitness’ for Beckham

  • Dr Arsenal
    3 years ago

    Like the last time he trained with us, he’s a Manchester Spy.
    He was cheering like a crazy man in the stands when Manu beat ARsenal last time they played. In fact his celebration was disrespectful and over the top.
    I wonder why he’s not training with his idol club – Manchester United!
    Stupid Wenger!

  • Perry gould
    3 years ago

    I agree with Dr Aesenal.
    Dirty Manu Spy.
    I also saw that game where his over celebration was disrespectful,
    I know he is a manu fan but even our own ex-players don’t go crazy like he did. Maybe he had money on the game!
    I would like to see Henry ask Fergie if he could train with them for a while!
    Fergie is not as dumb as Wenger and would tell him to p–s off.

  • goonerjim
    3 years ago

    I don’t think he’s bright enough to tell Fergie about Arsenal’s training tactics as Arsenal doesn’t have any.
    But I wouldn’t put it pass him to tap our best players up to play for Manu. Maybe he Tapped up Van Persie last year when he trained with us.
    It’s all conspiricy tripe but Wenger is stupid to take that risk as it is not in Arsenal’s interest. It does beg the question why he would not want to train with his idol club Manu.
    And yes I also saw his over celebrations when Manu beat Arsenal.
    Wenger is a bit slow in that department just like he is in the transfer market.

  • Scott (USA)
    3 years ago

    You guys are funny. For one Manu isn’t worried about Arsenal and also Manu isn’t worried about Arsenal. Spy ? hahahahaha

  • goonerjim
    3 years ago

    Wenger is a yes man to the board of directors. He is trying to please them without spending their money so that they give him a new long term contract.
    As soon as they give him a new contract he will start to spend big in the transfer market. If the plan is for him to retire then the board will not give him money to spend as the new manager will need to make a lot of changes.
    Why don’t the press ask him why he has not renewed his contract?
    How can he expect his own players to renew their contracts when he has not renewed his contract?
    What is going on behind the scenes?