Spurs & Arsenal Both Linked With Tough Guy £17M Midfielder

Date: 30th October 2012 at 5:28 pm
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Yep, it’s Round 792 of the Spurs v Arsenal transfer battle. We’ve had Walcott, Bale, Arshavin plus a whole host of players linked who ‘Arry claimed he’d never even heard of. Remember Ganso?

The chap currently in the middle of this North London tug-of-war is influential French midfielder Etienne Capoue. He’s having a cracking season at Toulouse, propelling them to second place in Ligue 1 behind free-spending PSG.

The 24-year-old has been receiving admiring glances from all over the continent, with Barcelona and Inter also running the rule over him, but it looks like the North London contingent and Benfica are in prime position, the latter having been very heavily linked with Capoue in the Portuguese press.

In all honesty, I can’t see Spurs actually picking up the player. They have Sandro who has been in exceptional form this season, Parker to return and Huddlestone as a back up.

Benfica are even less likely than Spurs. They aren’t going to progress out of their Champions League group and, although they are riding high at the top of the Portuguese Premier League, a move from Ligue 1 to Portugal is a step down in anyone’s book.

Arsenal could do with him, but it remains to be seen as to whether Wenger is prepared to spend big again as Toulouse would probably be looking for something in the region of £17m. They haven’t properly replaced Song as Diaby seems to be more keen to join the attack than protect the defence and, as a result, the Gunners have been particularly porous.

He’ll probably stay at Toulouse until the summer but don’t be surprised to see his name re-emerging as we edge into January. Arsenal fans are likely to be imploring Wenger to knock shyly on the boardroom door, providing someone can find the cheque book.

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0 thoughts on “Spurs & Arsenal Both Linked With Tough Guy £17M Midfielder

  • asdf
    3 years ago

    you’re completely right, the top defense in the premier league so far has been extremely porous.

  • Jeremy
    3 years ago

    There are many problems with this team. Defence has not been properly addressed by Wenger.The gunners will continue to leak goals if the FN doesn’t rein in his attack.
    The game at OT could result in another big defeat if Wenger goes kami kaze on the attack. I tell you the gunners may have 90% possession but will lose. The reason is obvious to all. The gunners make too many passes. In terms of possession ,its A1 but I will give an F grade for goal scoring.

  • fdsa
    3 years ago

    @ jeremey and the author: as asdf has already pointed out, you might be better served checking the league table under “goals conceded” before dubbing our defence “particularly porous” or that we “will continue to leak goals”.

  • midzed
    3 years ago

    im a gooners fan. i understand where your all coming from but heres my opinion. We’ve concede 6 goals and yes its the best defensive record in the EPL currently but alot of the 6 goals that we conceded came in a manner where it could of been stopped. So I defintitely agree that a Defensive Midfielder is key to our success!

  • midzed
    3 years ago

    arteta is playing as a DM and fair enough he does a good job, but at the end of the day his not DM. We need someone like a mikel obi who is fierce

  • Will
    3 years ago

    I am disappointed….at this time of the year it is usually :”Arsene out!!” from the Emirates faithful as you are not in the top four yet.

    I just love how the Rocks turn to Roses at Emirates. You Woolwich lot don’t know how lucky you have been and still are. Yes cheats sure do prosper but TBH great comeback vs Reading.