Top Ten Worst Prem Wage Bills

Date: 3rd April 2010 at 10:38 am
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The Times online may be actually staking a claim for offering value in relation to their bid to charge readers. This cropped up and makes for fascinating reading.

For ease of use, I’m going to regurgitate the information not in alphabetical order but by club in ascending wages to turnover order. To give us a top nine. In a piece to follow, we’ll look at those who keep their affairs in better order.

Now –  UEFA suggest, recommend, hint at that the threshold for this as a percentage ought not exceed 70%. As you will see as you cast your eye down the list, this only isn’t exactly happening, it’s also not exactly happening at some surprising clubs. The ratio is in bold.

Anyway, here’s the essence of the table and I’ll let you scientists draw your own conclusions. All figures are in GBP, by the way.

Burnley – Turnover £11 – Wages £13.4 – Loss £11.7 – Debt £11.9 – Ratio 119.9%

Birmingham – Turnover £27.5 – Wages £27.2 – Loss £20.5 – Debt £16.3 – Ratio 98.7%

Manchester City – Turnover £87 – Wages £82.6 – Loss £89.7 – Debt £0 – Ratio 94.4%

Wolves – Turnover £18.3 – Wages £16.7 – Loss £4.4 – Debt £15.3 – Ratio 91.7%

Wigan – Turnover £ 46.3 – Wages £42.2 – Loss £5.8 – Debt £18.7 – Ratio 91.2%

Blackburn – Turnover £50.9 – Wages £46.1 – Loss £3.6 – Debt £20.3 – Ratio 90.6%

West Ham – Turnover £76.1 – Wages £60 – Loss £16.2 – Debt – £55.5 – Ratio 78.8%

Portsmouth – Turnover £70.5 – Wages £54.7 – Loss £17 – Debt £100 – Ratio  78%

Sunderland – Turnover £18.3 – Wages £16.7 – Loss £4.4 – Debt  £15.3 – Ratio  76.8%

Aston Villa – Turnover £79 – Wages £60.7 – Loss £2.7 – Debt £71.9 – Ratio  76.8%

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0 thoughts on “Top Ten Worst Prem Wage Bills

  • Oliver
    6 years ago

    If these ten clubs go bust with another five looming the big 4 will have no no team to play with.Then it could be like Scotland where it’s forever R and C.
    Won’t it be boring.Seriously there will be a nucleus of at least twelve teams . If not the super league will kick in.

  • Smudge
    6 years ago

    Would be very interested to see the Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City figures as debt must come into it. All well and good having a huge income but when it barely covers interest repayments on huge debts it makes the 10 teams listed here look in very good shape!!!

  • JCL
    6 years ago

    Blackburn have the Walker trust and run a very tight ship don’t they? I think they’d be one of the last teams to go into trouble as I’m sure the guidelines set up by Walker won’t allow them to overspend — but keep them with a comfortable budget for each season. May be wrong, but it was like that a few years ago.

  • beterthanlife
    6 years ago

    OK so you’ve ripped half an article from timesonline but not provided a link to read the original in full format…

    • Escapini
      6 years ago

      What I actually did was bring some sense to what was a wall chart compiled by a monkey. After taking the Times’ information and making it into something more easily digested I became disinclined to bother with a link. It was a good idea, but publishing it alphabetically by club made no sense.

      The Times was credited of course. Read what I wrote. If you want a link, monkey, simply ask and I’ll gladly add one. No asky – no getty. Oh yes, part two is out tomorrow.