Wenger ready for board battle over Walcott

Date: 8th December 2012 at 9:00 pm
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Daily Mail journalist Sami Mokbel has caused a stir among Arsenal fans at the Football Transfer Tavern this morning with news that Arsene Wenger is prepared to block any sale of contract rebel Theo Walcott in January.

The French manager will plead to the club’s hierarchy not to sell Walcott after Mokbel revealed to interested punters that discussion over a new contract had ground to a halt. The 23-year-old turned down a new five-year contract worth £75,000 a week in August leading to a stand-off between the player and the club and there have been no further discussions since then.

With interest from Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City expected in January, it is looking increasingly likely that the England international will leave the club to avoid him departing on a free transfer in the summer.  However Wenger is eager to keep the speedy winger at the club and will make his case to the Arsenal board.

It is reported that Walcott wants to stay at the club but it does appear on the surface that this is just another case of the Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie transfers  in the past with the board trying to recoup as much money as possible in January to the annoyance of Wenger.

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9 thoughts on “Wenger ready for board battle over Walcott

  • Pius G.
    3 years ago

    And if Walcott does finally leave, guess who the bunch of those ignorant pretenders who call themselves Arsenal fans will not only love to blame but actually blame! Wenger!!! To them it does not matter one bit how much fight Wenger puts in behind close doors with his employers (i.e. the board) to have his key players protected and not sold off. The fact that Wenger is often left helpless against the final decisions of the board on matters relating to trading off players who become intransigent, should be appreciated by all true gunners.

    • Al
      3 years ago

      Well said mate! People seem to have short memories when it comes to wenger and what he’s done for our club. And the fact that some “fans” actually think wenger wants to sell our best players, or that he pockets the money when they’re sold is just incredible!! Unfortunately there are a lot of stupid, short sighted people in this world.

      • Aryan
        3 years ago

        Mate u r stupid to say that. Do u even know how much wenger gets per year? Lol the guy never gve wages to player to stay nasri rvp clichy febregass kolo song every 1 left for better things right or rong? 8 years the guy hasn’t won anything how long u want fan to wait for all there life? bord says there go money to spend but he refues to do it cos he is so stubborn nothing else…..

        • Al
          3 years ago

          Clearly you’re real arsenal fans…. Idiots! I’ve been a gooner since my old man took me to my first match when I was 6 years old in 1987, and I’ve had a season ticket ever since. I’m a gooner through and through, WIN LOSE or DRAW. I’m proud of my team! Ive seen what arsenal were before wenger under george graham, and bruce rioch. Wenger isn’t the problem with arsenal, it’s plastic fans like you. If you cant get behind your team or manager because they’re going through a bit of a rough patch then go support someone else, cos you’re not wanted!!! Why don’t you give me one manager in world football that can do what wenger has done( go unbeaten in a season, new stadium, champ league every season, change English football, the list goes on), with the little money he’s had. Compare what arsenal were before he came to now. People have short memories. Sure we haven’t won any cups in the last 7/8 years, but look at who have: man utd, Chelsea, man city. Look at the money they’ve spent, and have to spend compared to us, yet we still compete with them year on year.As for the others, would you rather be in Liverpool or spurs’ shoes…..not in a million years mate. Arsenal have always had the wage structure, it’s not wenger that implements it, it’s the board. Do you realy think wenger wanted to sell rvp, nasri, fab4, etc, of course not! It’s not like the money goes into wenger’s pocket, and anyone who thinks it does is stupid!! GET BEHIND YOUR TEAM!!!!

    • anon
      3 years ago

      your god wenger once said that he would walk if anybody overruled his will. he is a liar and a hypocrite but of course it’s easy to stay silent and trouser 7 million a year. the god you worship is a false god.

  • shaggy
    3 years ago

    No !! We need to get rid of the Board and bring in Usmanov to the board and let him buy out Kronkee !! Simple as that !!

    • atid
      3 years ago

      shaggy,if usmanov wanted the club all he needs to do is offer kroenke the £18k per share that he would find difficult to refuse, he would then pretty much own the club outright, so could appoint who he wants and wherte just like abrahmovic and that is exactly the type of club the arsenal would become. whilst some might want that i certainly dont. i do not understand the fans, there have been barren years like this before and there will be again, the difference about this barren spell is that we have finished the season either 3rd or 4th every season, thus qualifying for the champions league, we have also been very unlucky in losing 3 major cup finals (including a champions league final) by the odd goal in 3. most clubs would die for that type of failure

      • Al
        3 years ago

        I completely agree with you mate. Chelsea are a laughing with the way they are run. Sure they’ve had some short term success but they don’t have a rich history like arsenal. Once FFP kicks in, and the debts for the stadium are paid in a couple of seasons, we’ll be competing again, but with a far more stabe infrastructure than Chelsea or man city, and no real debt unlike man utd. I don’t understand how people can’t see this.

  • napoleon
    3 years ago

    If u are tired of. Been gunner fan,pls join any of the remaining 19 clubs in d League,pls stop making life miserable for the wenger and the player

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