What Has Caused The Collapse Of Cesc?

Date: 8th September 2012 at 1:57 pm
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Once one of the undisputed heroes of Arsenal, the ammunition for the Gunners forward line. It seem’s the assault rifle that was Cesc Fabregas has become nothing more than a paltry water gun for a Barcelona team who are pushing on without him. Has his dream move become nothing short of a nightmare?

Looking back over a year ago, Cesc Fabregas was considered on of world footballs best stars. At just 24 years of age at the time, he was only just preparing to enter his prime as he finally sealed a return dream move to Barcelona. Having made his name at Arsenal since 2004, the Spaniard left the Premier League as one of its best ever players, and continued his rich form for the Catalan giants, scoring eight goals in twelve appearances, and contributing five assists on top.

Since the turn of the year though. Fabregas has fallen from grace rather spectacularly at club level. From January until September 2012. The 25 year old has played 19 games for Barcelona, however he has only scored a measly single goal with three assists. He has gone from one of the key midfield stars in the Catalan midfield, to the bench warmer many fans suspected he would be when he initially joined.

Should he have stayed at Arsenal? He has gone from being the third highest rated player in La Liga, to nothing more than a constant substitute, both under previous boss Guardiola, and under current manager Vilanova.

It’s not like Barcelona are missing having his services on a consistent basis in midfield either, they still have the remarkable talents of Xavi and Ineista, and of course not forgetting the world class Messi. On top of this Barcelona still have the raw but rapidly growing talent of both Sanchez and Tello, leaving open spaces in the Catalan midfield very few and far between.

Of course Arsenal weren’t going to stand in the way of Fabregas making his dream return to his hometown club, he had been an excellent servant for the Gunners in his seven years there, scoring 35 goals, and accumulating 82 assists in 212 league appearances. Arsene Wenger clearly felt that he couldn’t delay the move any longer. As the common saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side though. Now Fabregas finds himself at risk of becoming the outcast of a bustling Barcelona midfield.

Arsenal may have the likes of Carzola and Arteta in their ranks now, incredible players in their own right, but their is a reason Fabregas was Spains youngest capped player in 70 years. His ability is undoubted around the world, as he showcased at Euro 2012. It seems though, that not being constantly under the spotlight, amongst a star studded side in Spain is having an adverse affect on his confidence, and subsequently his playing ability.

Had he stayed at Arsenal, perhaps his story would be different. Adored by the Gunners faithful, Fabregas was far and away their star player. The attention was on him on a constant basis, and he thrived under it, being the shining light for a team that regularly displays much promise, but little reward. Had he stayed last season, he would have had the pleasure of providing an aplomb of assists to Robin Van Persie, who had finally overcome his injury issues.

Playing for Arsenal didn’t affect his international chances, being a regular for the side dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid stars, now he is amongst their ranks however, he may find his call-ups become increasingly barren.

At 25 years of age, Cesc Fabregas has his whole career still in front of him, and with his form eroding at Barcelona, perhaps a return to Arsenal would see him once again become one of the worlds most feared midfielders. He may have won a lot of trophies since his move, but if he returned and became the star to end Arsenals barren run, that would be more of an achievement then what he has achieved at Barcelona.

Should Fabregas have stayed at Arsenal? Leave your comments below.

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0 thoughts on “What Has Caused The Collapse Of Cesc?

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  • MHZ
    3 years ago

    He would have been much better off had he stayed . no doubt about that. plus it may have prompted Nasri and then VanPersie to stay on too. but as much as i want to see him back in the gunner’s folds , i think that it is nothing more than wishful thinking. his current barren run is just a bad patch and once he finds someplaying time he’ll be the same fab again. plus he is the natural successor to xavi. its only a matter of time that he will be irreplacable at the catalan outfit.

    • Jon5
      3 years ago

      What stayed and won nothing? Typical gooner rubbish
      Everyone leaves the feeder team

      • mint
        3 years ago

        lol Cock….. Typical bitter yid

        Up the Arsenal

  • Steven
    3 years ago


  • Silver0.1
    3 years ago

    Absolutely agree with this post 100%, Fab should come back quick…! His talents ate wasted at Barcelona.

    • Aussie Jack
      3 years ago

      Cesc is a dreamer who ran into reality.
      There is more to life than trophies, much more, it`s a matter of priorites.
      Trophies are only the spoils of success so being successful should be our aim not pieces of silver.

  • precious
    3 years ago

    Greetings 2 all arsenal fans,i think a loan move 4 fabripass wont b a bad 1 cos it wud gv d team options in midfield n chance of lifting trophies.gunners 4 life.

  • maalim
    3 years ago

    he’s the only true midfield player who can create goal scoring chances in the world more than any other player…even xavi

  • maalim
    3 years ago

    he\’s the only true midfield player who can create goal scoring chances in the world more than any other player…even xavi

    • mung
      3 years ago

      yes…maalim you are right…fab4 is a dffrt player no one in the world have a skill n vison like he had….he always pass the ball with a vison to finish…it was him that over shadowed all the invincibles and it was because of him that nasri,song,rvp,hleb,flimini,diaby,and all the creative talents in the arsenal club came into being…henry was a fool to leave arsenal not knowing how many goal he will score from fab4…. i wish you will come back home fabrigas….we always love you

  • Dave A
    3 years ago

    The big RVP merchandise throw away day

    The man has obviously no respect for us so why should we have any for him.No gooner surely still wears his shirt or drinks from his cup or wears his scarf or waves his flag or whatever you bought to support his one great year for us,so why not on that fatefull day he returns to our club playing against us dont you just throw it onto the pitch before the Kick off so he actually realises how he has left us feeling.AFC has to know how this unbelievable event has affected the fans.This transfer cant just be brushed under the carpet…….can it.

    • Krystal
      3 years ago

      No brother. It just can’t. It exposed Van persie as a prerender. No one with gunners blood running in and through him will ever opt to wear a man u shirt. No one!

  • mossi
    3 years ago

    what the fu** is going on with you? fabregas in 2 of 3 barca’s la liga match was in the first xi! he just said he demand more times to playing and net is full of foolish coments and articles about fabregas’ failure in barca! he played as much as iniesta played in 3 match!

  • Ritesh
    3 years ago

    Dude, he had 7 years to win a trophy for us and he had Chocolegs and Na$ri to help him.

    Cazorla has as much vision as he has, plus he is quicker….and defends also.

    The weaknesses of Fabregas have been exposed at Barca. Its not just about scoring goals, you need to defend also to balance the team. Thats why he does not start for them.

    • Ade
      3 years ago

      Hate to say it but you’re right Ritesh. He definately lacks defensive capabilities. That’s why you have other players to defend. You have to score to win games and cesc is tenacious going forward. He’s an arsenal legend if he returns. Actually, already is.

  • Cheadle
    3 years ago

    Why are we talking about Fabregas here? I think the real culprit is Hypnotist Wenger who can make almost any player think he is a t-o-p t-o-p g-r-e-a-t player able to conquer the world well.. News FLASH!! the Trance only works at Arsenal.. Ok just joking . Seriously Fab is the real deal no disputing that and he will overcome this challenge we pray he does cos we want him back in one piece when he overcomes his trophy obsession.

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