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Shocker: Giuseppe Bellusci to Leeds United

It’s been a roller coaster season for Leeds United, who looked destined for promotion before Christmas only to fall at the semi-final hurdle to the Rams (fortunately, they were beaten in the final). But things could be worse, strangely…

Indeed, for all their misery, of which we’re sure there is still plenty, Leeds fans can take some solace in the fact that they are no longer on a kamikaze crash course under Italian mentalist Massimo Cellino.

There’s no real need to revisit the entirety of the Cellino regime, as we’re sure the horrors have played over in your heads over, and over, and over, and over, and over again as you try to sleep at night.

However, we would like to pluck out one short episode in the nightmarish series and refresh it in your mind – Giuseppe Bellusci (sorry).

The Italian quite comfortably goes down as one of the worst defenders to have ever stumbled into the famous white jersey of Leeds United. Why? Well, the same reason a fork isn’t a suitable utensil for consuming soup.

If the short clip (above) didn’t make it obvious enough, Bellusci was a liability of the highest order. He never seemed to know where to position himself defensively (his job) so half the time he looked like a lost child trying to find their parents in the world’s largest department store. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The thing is, as well, it wasn’t just that Bellusci was a bad player. He was a terrible performance as well, and a vastly unpopular figure among Leeds supporters due to his dreadful attitude.

Here is arguing with a Leeds supporter wearing a beanie hat and a suit. He’s not even got his tie done up. Rotter.

And how could we forget the infamous pre-season match against Guiseley in which the ever-so-wise Bellusci got himself into a barney with the travelling 3,000 Leeds faithful. Quite why he did this, we don’t know, but it didn’t go down particularly well.

To which he later responded in “cryptic” fashion: ‘Fortunately in this world we have the children to set an example to the adults!’

(Enjoyed that response)

He was moved on in the summer of 2017 never to return.

Leeds United fans, Giuseppe Bellusci…discuss.

Shocker: Giuseppe Bellusci to Leeds United
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Article title: Shocker: Giuseppe Bellusci to Leeds United

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