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Middlesbrough: Pulis lambasts “ungrateful” Braithwaite in scathing rebuttle

Middlesbrough: Pulis lambasts “ungrateful” Braithwaite in scathing rebuttle - Middlesbrough

Tony Pulis presided over a feisty press conference today as he launched a blistering attack on Martin Braithwaite, following public comments made by the player earlier this week.

The Danish player insisted he did not want to return to the Riverside when his loan deal ends this summer, and described Pulis’s “strange” defensive tactics, calling them “kick and rush”.

Pulis told the gathered media the player has shown “disrespect” to the club, describing him as an “ungrateful person” and claimed Steve Gibson “bent over backwards” to give him the things he was asking for.

According to the Teesside Gazette, he said: “The biggest disappointment for me is he’s the highest paid player I’ve ever worked with in the Championship.

“As a matter of fact, the last club I worked at, which was a Premier League club, he’d be in the top five earners at the club without a question of a doubt.

“Steve Gibson bent over backwards, backwards, to give that lad everything he wanted to bring him to this club.

“To show the disrespect he’s shown to this club by saying he’s not coming back, to Steve Gibson, who’s made him a multi millionaire, let’s make no bones about it, the wages and what he’s earning are astonishing.

“For him to show Steve Gibson that disrespect, and the supporters and his fellow players, it’s just amazing.

“I’ve dealt with players all my life, some can make your hair curl — not mine. But for him to come out and say that, it just puts him up there as such an ungrateful person.”

They are strong words from the Boro’ manager, and he is clearly irked by the player, and there will not be many fans who will not agree with him.

Disagreements between players and clubs are commonplace in football, but they are usually kept ‘in-house’ and not splashed all over the press.

Players are pandered to in ways that fans can only dream of. They earn weekly amounts that take most people multiple years to match. So when they complain, moan and feel sorry for themselves over petty issues, fans will have no sympathy for them, and rightly so.

In any other mode of work, speaking about your employers and bosses in such a way would result in you being sacked immediately.

Of course, due to the money in football, whether contract clauses or transfer fees, it rarely happens — who is going to forego a multi-million pound fee to show a player who’s in charge?

Footballers are in a privileged position, and the envy of every fan that helps to pay their wages through ticket sales. To metaphorically slap them in the face in such a way is an utter disgrace.

What do you think of the behaviour of Braithwaite, Boro’ fans? Does he have a point about the tactics? Or do you agree with your manager? Let us know below…

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Article title: Middlesbrough: Pulis lambasts “ungrateful” Braithwaite in scathing rebuttle

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