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Luton Town: New stadium will boost the reputation of club to new levels

Luton Town: New stadium will boost the reputation of club to new levels

It was the news that Luton Town board members and fans have been waiting on for a while, planning will go ahead on a new stadium.

Luton Borough Council’s Development Control Committee unanimously passed proposals to build a new stadium alongside the Newland Park project, which will see homes and a leisure centre be built next to junction 10 of the M1.

Chief executive of the club, Gary Sweet, called the decision ‘a giant leap forward for Luton’, and he isn’t wrong.

The Hatters made Kenilworth Road their home for over 120 years, but this isn’t by choice. Plans to expand or build a new stadium for the club have been around as far back as the 1950s, with aims of building a ground who can host 15,000 to 20,000 fans, but one way or another, a move or an expansion has just not happened for Luton.

But with this recent development, the London club now have concrete legal motions that can see the team move into a new stadium in the not too distant future, and with Luton on the brink of promotion to the Championship, it is no better time than to announce plans for a new stadium.

Luton have asserted themselves this season as a club with the potential to be big players in the English game, with a passionate fan base, a fun style of football, and an academy churning out quality players, and now with plans to move into a new state-of-the-art stadium no in motion, the reputation of the club will be higher than it has ever been before.

If the Hatters can remain a solid Championship side before their move into their new ground whenever that will be, Luton will have all the foundations they need to test themselves as a big club in England once again.

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