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Keep Calm and Carry On for Spurs

As everyone knows, Tottenham are out of the Champions League. As devastating as the circumstances may have been, there is still a lot of work to be done. No matter what they say about the team, the fact is that they are still in the Top 4 and are still trying to cement their place for next year. Juventus are champions of Italy and looking at it separately from the exact circumstances, going out to them is not embarrassing in the slightest. What would be embarrassing is dwelling on it and not qualifying next year.

It seems to be the Tottenham ethos – fail in the big moments but continue to fight and excite. There is a little less than a quarter of the season to go, and thinking about what might have been does no one any favours. Playing the Champions League knockout rounds are a dream for any player around the world, therefore being able to say Spurs are a club that compete there every season is imperative in order to get the message across to every player they pursue.

Does silverware matter? You could say in the grand scheme of modern football, what matters most is being in the conversation with the big clubs. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and the rest fluctuate with fortune and whoever seems to be holding the purse strings at the moment. The group below the elite of the elite is always in fluctuation and the long-standing fight for Tottenham is to be considered one of the bigger clubs in Europe. Finishing in the top 4 this season would go a long way considering Chelsea are the team to beat out. Longevity is the name of the game, and Arsenal failing to contend anymore means the smart Spurs way has beat out yet another club. Next comes a club like Chelsea, who seems to have a great season every other year.

“Spurs do need to keep dreaming of silverware but they have a great chance to get through to the semi finals of the FA Cup and then that’s just 2 ‘home’ matches at Wembley away from some silverware. But its also very important to keep in contention and as always gain that top 4 place something that has alluded them for many years” – 21 Bonus Bet – Spurs Fans and Football Experts.

Just being in the fight and experiencing those five minutes of heartbreak in the 2nd leg makes the whole journey worthwhile. Just having the privilege of feeling more badly than ever is something that many clubs do not experience and wish they would have. That old saying that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all describes Tottenham in the fullest. Now that the deep runs are coming, now that they are in contention for something every year, the common perception of Spurs is taking a good season for granted. Which is a phenomenal thing. Weight of expectation, weight of taking winning for granted. The reality across Europe is that most big clubs are more shocked when they don’t win than when they win, and that is beginning to happen with Tottenham. Which means supporters will be more entitled, sure, but more importantly that players take notice and begin to think Tottenham is a destination club rather than a jumping off point.

With success comes a hardened attitude, an attitude of defiance and superiority that may not have been in place in years past. Chiellini’s comments echo the thoughts of people who may not know about Tottenham or the Premier League as a whole. Take the case of Andy Murray pursuing his Wimbledon dream for so many years. Remember that interview after his latest devastating final loss against Federer where he cried, and many people cried along with him as he couldn’t his hold his composure while explaining where he was in his career, knowing he was so near but still so far.. “I’m getting closer” he said, and Tottenham are getting closer.

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Article title: Keep Calm and Carry On for Spurs

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