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“If Guardiola wants me, I want to play for Barcelona” : Suarez’ Dramatic U Turn

Luis Suarez nicknamed “El Pistolero” has expressed his love for Liverpool. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror that he wants to stay beyond the five deal he signed when he arrived in his £22.8million switch from Ajax last January. There are players who do not justify their price tag and then there are others that you say ‘is that it’.  If anything Liverpool have bought Suarez on the cheap. He justifies every penny Liverpool have paid for the 24-year-old.

Certain adjectives frequently crop up when Suarez is discussed; prolific, a menace, hungry, competitive, powerful, gifted, bullish, a pest and nippy. Suarez to me is like a lion; he hunts, he instills belief, confidence and leads from the front. The only fault you can say about the guy is that he is not the most clinical of finishers and he sometimes lets himself down by being unsportsmanlike.

There seems to be a lack of confidence looming around the Liverpool team, and they have had to heavily rely on a player like Suarez who has had no problem settling in since his arrival to give them that boost. It is fair to say that without Suarez, Liverpool would once more be in a dilemma.

The news from El Pistolero will put all the rumours and speculation to bed, and give the doubters a slight glimmer of hope and relief that he will not be leaving before his contract runs out. Previously the Liverpool hitman has gone on record to say it would be a dream come true to play for Barcelona one day. He said: “If Guardiola wants me, I want to play for Barcelona – no matter who represents me.”

On a more positive note, Suarez is enjoying life in Liverpool and without any hesitation, he has instantly replaced ‘El Nino’ as the fans Kop idol.

On life with Liverpool the Uruguayan ace said: I’ve just started a phase of my career which I always dreamed about and wanted to do, which is to play for Liverpool,” he said.

“I have five years left on my contract and I think beyond that, I’m already thinking about staying many more years at Liverpool.

“It’s a club I like. I feel very good about being here, about being in the city.

“I feel very pleased. It would be difficult to match the atmosphere, hunger for success and glory that this club has at another team.”

Suarez is a realist, he knows how difficult the Premier League can be, and has already stated winning this year’s Premier League is a bridge too far. Suarez also sees the positive in Liverpool not taking part in this year’s Europa League.

He added: “I do not wish to belittle the Europa League and I do think that Liverpool should be in Europe,

“But I think not playing in the Europa League this year will really do us some good.

“We can really focus on the Premier League and move up the table as high as we can.

“We always dream about being Premier League champions, but we know it’s a very difficult league to win.

“It’s very competitive and a lot of teams want to become champions.

“But I think we have a quality squad. We trust in our manager and we trust our team-mates.

“We’re confident in our ability and Liverpool can aim to finish in the Champions League positions.

“And there is always that dream, that little dream, about actually winning the Premier League.”

Before Liverpool fans get over excited and start giving me grief, remember Fernando Torres? He once declared his love for Liverpool and how his family are so settled in and all this hoo-hah, but as soon as things turned sour, he quickly left.  This is great news for Liverpool and I’m not saying Suarez will go against his word, but there is a good possibility he may be singing a different tune in a few years time. If Liverpool do not qualify for the Champions League in the years to come, nor compete for the Premier League title or dare I say if Barcelona come knocking on his door, there is no way the South American will still show his support and dedication.

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