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10 Most Universally Loathed Current Premiership Stars

Fans can be an angry bunch at times, for every player we cheer, there are twice as many we jeer, for every hero there are more villains.

In short there are a lot of hated players in the Prem at the moment. It may be members of rival teams, it may be failing players in our own squad, it may be due to on-field scuffles, or off field idiocy. It may even just be the way they look. We’ll take a quick look at the top 10 who make our blood boil.


Joey Barton

Now apparently redeemed due to his occasionally humorous twitter and the fact he grew a moustache. But not all fans have a short memory, and he has not shaken his past yet.

Violence against a team mate, bad-mouthing other players, jail time, and acrimonious exits from all his clubs (he managed to shift some of the blame for his Newcastle departure to the owners, but it does not hide what was yet another Barton strop).

It is safe to say Barton is one of the most hated in the game, and he now uses his twitter fame to open feuds with everyone from Karl Henry to David Beckham. Somebody should take away this boys Iphone.


Luis Suarez

Obvious. The ramifications of his actions have dragged the name of a good club through the mud, almost overnight turn many against Manager Daglish, and required intervention from the clubs owners. He still had his defenders, who used the whole miscommunication, different culture argument, however surely they have given up on him now after the Handshake fiasco.

His apology was too little, too late, and frankly seemed not genuine. This all comes after his swearing at Fulham fans, a notorious world cup handball, and biting a player during his time in Holland. What a nice guy.


John Terry

I don’t get it sleep with one team mates girlfriend and racially insult another ones brother and all of a sudden their all against you eh? Terry has been on the front pages more often than the back as of late, and few will mourn his loss of the England captaincy. Can also lay claim to starting the events that got Capello sacked, which may actually improve his popularity slightly.


Ashley Cole

Cole’s been keeping quiet lately, and may well have slipped down the most hated list. But he’s still in there, and probably will be till he retires. ‘Cashley’ is now so commonly used as his name even his own mum must get confused.

Even his autobiography was titled ‘My Defence’. Cole may no longer be one half of an annoying glamour couple, but his talent will always be matched by the public’s hatred for him.


Fernando Torres

Perhaps Torres isn’t hated as such, but we’re sure all enjoying his misery. We delight with every match Flop’ Torres (as now seems to be his name in the papers) doesn’t score, we smile at his misses, and we point at laugh at his subsequent pouting, sad face.

Liverpool fans hatred is understandable, quite why the rest of the country has jumped on this bandwagon is a bit more of a mystery. Perhaps we just love watching a big name fail, perhaps we resent Chelsea’s money, or perhaps we just hate his stupid boyish face that seems to be inviting you to hit it.


Rio Ferdinand

Rio just rubs everyone the wrong way. It’s a shame as at times he can seem like one of the most intelligent players in the League. But that might be the problem. Rio seem to be trying to hard. He wants to be the new David James, a surprisingly smart, and articulate player.

The kind of player who might wind up on the news giving opinion instead of being the story. But Rio your no David James (who himself was not as smart as he liked to think). So please stop trying to be. This is all following a previous history of drink driving, drug test dodging, and money grabbing.


Carlos Tevez

To be hated by both sides of Manchester, one of whom you still play for is no mean feet, as well as Sheffield United fans who have been hating Tevez since before it was cool. Tevez constant whining, wishing to leave have annoyed fans. He time between arriving at a club, and leaving in a strop is getting shorter and shorter. Add to this his often poorly chosen words in interviews, and his annoying 3rd party ownership thing, and Tevez is more trouble than he’s worth.


Nigel De Jong

Nigel doesn’t see that much playing time right now, and that’s probably a good thing for all concerned, not least other players legs. In Britain we love a tough tackling no nonsense center-mid. We loved Vieira despite his numerous red cards, most even forgave Roy Keane for his calculated attack on Inge-Haaland.

So for a tough guy midfielder to be too rough for even us, then it’s clear he’s gone to far. Stuart Holden, Xabi Alonso chest, and Ben Arfa’s leg have all been victims of De Jong’s ‘tackles’ . Even City fans seem to be waiting for the player to cut his loses and leave the club, possibly for a UFC career.


Mario Balotelli

Why always me indeed? Well maybe its because of fireworks in your bathroom, missing open goals,or wearing rival teams shirts. of course Mario is equally loved by some, but surely his despondent, pouting face, and his blasaie performance will alienate even his biggest fans soon. Even his occasional comedy can’t protect him from actions like this. Mario says he may leave England soon? Well, Mario let us help you pack your bags.


William Gallas

Gallas clearly has a plan for a more peaceful London. Work your way around the capital’s clubs pissing off everyone, until eventually they all put their differences aside to collectively hate you. It’s really an act of humanitarianism. In fact he has gone one step further.

Clearly realising England and France needed a new sense of Entente Cordial he scuppered their chances at the world cup, with his and other childishly refusing to come out and play. Now France fans can hate him just as much as the rest of us. Soon a Europe united by hatred for Gallas.

And in case Doncaster somehow get promoted soon, special mention must go to my personal most hated, my nemesis, the joker to my batman, the toothpaste to my orange juice; El-Hadji Diouf. A truly vile individual.

Other dishonourable mentions:

Rooney, Bellamy, Adebayor, Tevez, Bedtnder, Pennant, and up and comer Ravel Morrison.

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