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3 Reasons Rooney To Anzhi Transfer Rumour Is Pure Fantasy

Man United striker Wayne Rooney has once again been linked with a move away from Old Trafford to pretty much the only club that can afford him. Anzhi Makhachkala. And yes, I’m only typing that once.

However, a move to Russia would be one of the most disastrous things that Wayne could do, and here’s three reasons why.


We all saw what happened to David Beckham’s England career once he moved to a significantly less competitive league. Admittedly he was nearing the end of his useful time anyway, but the facts are still there to see. The lower the quality of your opposition, the less attractive you are to your international manager.

Rooney is in absolutely no danger of being left out of the England squad, far from it. If he had both his legs in plaster Hodgson would still be on the phone asking him if he could play on his hands but the less competitive opposition would put a severe dampener on his progression. Yes, even Wayne Rooney is still progressing, still improving and still learning. Playing in the Russian Premier League would halt his development faster than Felix Baumgartner in go-faster stripes.

In terms of his international and domestic career, few things would prove more suicidal than a move to Anzhi.


‘Money?’ I hear you cry. ‘This man is a fool, he knows not of what he speaks. Doesn’t he know that Anzhi pay Samuel Eto’o £250,000 per week? I’m going to speed straight to the comments box and complain.’ But hold your horses, eager punters and listen a while.

Whilst it may be the case that Rooney will earn a fair bit more in wages per week in Russia, think of all the sponsorship deals he will lose or see drastically reduced. Don’t believe me? How much have you heard or seen of poor Samuel since he departed the sunny Catalan scene? Barely a dicky bird, and that’s what will happen to Our Wayne. With dramatically fewer eyes watching him week in, week out, the likes of Nike and Pepsi will drop him faster than Felix Baum… um… they’ll drop him quickly. He will lose millions upon millions and Colleen will not be best pleased.


Let’s face it, the boy can barely speak English. How’s he going to get on in Russia where their alphabet is akin to a child trying to write their own name in a mirror? Plus, as with the money, I can’t see Colleen being too happy having to entertain oligarch’s wives every other week via a translator.

Come on Wayne, think things through and stay at United where everyone knows what’s best for you. There’s nothing for you at Anzhi Makhachkala. Ok, I’ve typed it twice. But this is the last time.

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