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3 Reasons Why™ It’s Time For The Drog To Move On

Should he stay or should he go?

Didier Drogba has always been a player who has divided opinion between football fans, but no doubt at Chelsea he has very much been loved by all the Stamford Bridge faithful.

Now though it seems Drogba is dividing opinion between Chelsea fans as well. Chelsea face a dilemma as to whether to bow to Drogba’s demands or let him leave the club where he has given so much.

I much like many Chelsea fans am torn on this issue. Drogba is a true Chelsea legend and has given us all some great times – as recently as Sunday and Wednesday – but can Chelsea continue to live in the past?

For this reason I feel it might be time for Chelsea and Drogba to move on to pastures new. Until recently Drogba’s form had been poor but no doubt he has been much improved in recent weeks but still not the old Drogba. Chelsea need a younger 20 goal+ a season striker like Didier used to be and the only way a new forward will flourish is if Chelsea lift the Drogba shadow.

Therefore I have managed to argue the case for allowing Didier to leave in three points:


It is no secret Drogba is holding out for a 2 year Chelsea deal whereas the club are only willing to offer a year long extension. Drogba and his agent have been pretty stubborn over the length of this deal and to be honest I wonder if Drogba really has 2 good years left in him. For this reason I would move him on as Chelsea can not afford to pay Drogba the wages he deserves for 2 years when he only has possibly one good year left in him.

‘The Project’

Personally I’m fed up and dislike this term but it seems to be a permanent fixture at the Bridge these days. No doubt the club want to go through a successful period of transition and rejuvenate the ageing squad. I feel this has to be done gradually like Manchester United have done over the years, maybe letting Drogba go this season then another one or two older players next year whilst replacing them every season. To be honest all the media talk has been about moving on the ‘old guard’ but there are younger players at Chelsea who need to be moved on also, for example Jose Bosingwa, who is quite possibly the WORST “right back” I have ever seen. Manchester United have Scholes and Giggs both latter 30’s but everyone seems obsessed with Chelsea having to get rid of Lampard and Cole who are only 32-34, why can’t we have Lampard at 37 providing he is still performing? As for Drogba though, he may well have to be the first big name moved on to get the ball rolling.

Fresh Meat

I feel in order for any new strikers or current ones like Fernando Torres to flourish Drogba may need to be moved on. When signing for Chelsea any new striker must still see Drogba has their main rival and to go up against a Chelsea legend must be un-nerving and add pressure. In order for the new strikers to flourish Drogba’s presence and stature must be removed from the dressing room.

I know this article may get negative feedback from the big Didier Drogba fans out there but believe me guys I would love to have signed Drogba back on and seen him tearing up defences but I just feel he hasn’t got it in him for a long enough period of time over a season, one or two matches yes but lets be honest Didier won’t be happy with being a cameo player.

Maybe we’ll see Didier back one day as a coach or even manager but for now I think it would benefit everyone for him to move on, providing he is replaced with quality.

What do you think Chelsea fans?

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Article title: 3 Reasons Why™ It’s Time For The Drog To Move On

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