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3 Reasons Why Sir Alex’s Time Is Up

This will greeted by a small by angry minority with cries of ‘Bitter!’ and much much, worse. But then the same response can be drawn from an equal number of Arsenal fans if you dare to consider that their illustrious leader has also reached his sell by date.But you’d have to be wearing a pair of very snug fitting blinkers to believe that Manchester United are anywhere close to their best.

So hear we go.

Out Of Date Squad

You can survive a squad being ravaged by old age. You either promote a younger crew up into the ranks or you go shopping. Sir Alex has written books on squad strengthening. Cheque books. But no the money’s been cut off. He sold Ronaldo and never really replaced him. Or spent the money he got for him.

But now we are told that the market place is a bit barren and what is there is a bit over priced. So instead he gives renewed contracts to the likes of Michael Carrick and squeezes the pips out of Giggs and Scholes. This isn’t building for the future. This is holding on.

Improved Opposition

While Manchester United could hardly be accused of being in decline, it doesn’t do them a huge disservice to suggest that they are treading water. This isn’t too dangerous only as long rivals also stay in neutral. The problem is they are not. Early days, but all that filthy cash pumped into Manchester City has seen an upswing in their fortunes.

Tottenham are yapping at the big boys heals, still as reliable as a faulty watch, but progressing nevertheless. A combination of canny buying and the occasionally dynamic managership of Harry Redknapp has put Spurs on the right track.

Chelsea appeared to have imploded recently, but this is looking increasingly like a blip. I don’t believe for a minute that Torres will spring into life. My take is that he’s had one injury too many and the El Nino jig may well be up. The absence of Lampard and Drogba on the wane have been Chelsea’s real enemies.

Liverpool took the word ‘crisis’ to Newcastle proportions, but you can’t help be feel they are bound to be reinvigorated by not only King Kenny but the goal hungry Carrol. The mood in the camp at Anfield has changed from bleating about Yanks to focusing on playing football. As a result LFC look far happier on the ball for it.

Hitler In His Bunker

Manchester United for much of my lifetime had a siege mentality. The ‘Anyone But United’ brigade caused it and it was borne out of envy. But there’s a difference between being insular and how Sir Alex has now become . The refusing to speak to the BBC when they dared to investigate one son, the withdrawing of loaned players when another son was sacked, the whining about referees and now he’s not talking to anyone!

This is an end of days scenario.

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Article title: 3 Reasons Why Sir Alex’s Time Is Up

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