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3 Reasons Why™ Spurs Should Fear City Interest In Modric

Transfer rumours often just rotate round the press in cycles, and so sometimes it can be hard to know which are made of substance and which are just column fillers.

However the idea that Modric will leave Spurs is one rumour that they just can’t shake off. These rumours have again surfaced today, but perhaps more worryingly for Spurs fans, Modric is now being linked not to Chelsea, but to Man City.

Spurs have kept a tight grip on Modric throughout all the previous interest, but is City the straw that breaks the camels back?

There are some reason why it might be.

 The asking price

To fend off last summers interest Spurs made it clear early on it would take an astronomical offer to pry Modric away. This talk was enough to stop United in their tracks, and even enough to make an ‘attempting-to-break-even’ Chelsea stop and consider their bid. Chelsea started low, but gradually worked their offer up to an impressive £40 million offer. Big money for sure, but Spurs and Levy stood firm, and said that kind of money was still not enough. For an offer to be accepted it would have to be mind-blowingly, eye-meltingly, huge.

Enter Man City. City, like Chelsea, have paid lip-service to careful budgets and breaking even, but in practice have thrown around their money like a Asian business man at a strip club, or me at a retro football shirts sale. City face an important summer. Despite their growth in stature they are slipping away in the title race and are out of Europe. Mancini may feel he still needs one or two big names to cement the squad as amongst the very best. As they only need a couple of players, it means there will be more money available for them. City will also be encouraged to spend now, as if the longer the wait the more likely they will run afoul on soon to be implemented new Financial Fair play rules.

In short, City may step in and make Spurs an offer they can’t refuse.

 Spurs are in flux

I, like the man himself, am bored of talking about the Harry to England question, and yet unfortunately again it rears its ugly head. ESPN says the reason Modric won’t commit to a new contract is due to him wanting confirmation on the future direction of the club.

Despite being linked with many big name managers, it is the less glamours (although talented) pair of Brendan Rogers or David Moyes that seem to be being mentioned most frequently. Are these big enough names to keep the likes of Bale and VDV at the club. Maybe. Maybe not, but we can’t blame Modric for asking the question. While Spurs future is in limbo, Modric’s future also be (but then maybe if Modric confirms his future, Spurs can confirm their future direction. But for Modric to do that, Spurs need to ….Oh my god, I’m stuck in a loop).


Sorry Spurs fans, no way around this one. It’s ugly but it’s the truth. City are more likely to win trophies next season. That’s not to say Spurs don’t have realistic ambitions of glory. Spurs may well win the FA or League next year, and will hopefully continue to improve in the League and Europe. Who knows maybe even be in the title fight. But City have a very, very good chance of winning either the Prem or the Champions League next year. Few players ever turn down that kind of opportunity.

Of course I might be, and hope I am, wrong. Spurs kept hold of Modric last year when some where reporting the move to Chelsea as good as completed. Levy is keen to prove Spurs aren’t a selling club, and there would be no better way to do it that knocking back City. But Spurs have an uphill fight to keep their creative star.

Spurs fans – how much it take for you to sell Modric? Or is no money enough?

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Article title: 3 Reasons Why™ Spurs Should Fear City Interest In Modric

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