Premier League

4-3-3.. This line-up will win Tottenham the Premier League next season – Agreed?

There is very little extra that Tottenham could have done last season to improve upon their performance throughout the year.

Whilst they were not contenders for  the title at the beginning of the year, they slowly crept up unnoticed amongst the furor of the Leicester City title charge, and soon found themselves competing with the underdogs for the top spot.

In the end they simply ran out of steam, and were unable to get the job done. Still, it was a hugely impressive outing from Mauricio Pochettino’s team, having performed wildly above expectations.

What cost them last year was two things; experience, and depth.

Their first team now has that experience of what it takes to get to the top, and now with the introduction of Champions League football; depth is going to be even more important.

The primary first team will likely have very few changes this summer, with more focus instead placed on buying a number of players to bulk out the size of the squad.

As a result, their first team will only get a few minor, but important tweaks; one or two new additions whilst a few players get moved around to play to their strengths.

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