5 ex-Arsenal players that would slot straight into the current team

Arsenal fans will be left with a huge sense of what might have been this season, after the favourites for the Premier League and FA Cup just a few months ago have conceded both titles in swift succession, a major disappointment.

It’s brought back the age old questions for Arsenal fans- does Arsene Wenger need to go? Can the star players have be kept? Did Arsenal make a mistake by selling certain individuals? The answers, unfortunately, aren’t obvious.

What’s clear though is that, looking around Europe at former Arsenal players still plying their trade, a number of those sold in recent seasons could slot easily back into the Gunners set-up, which is majorly disappointing to the fans.

Risking the wrath of said Arsenal supporters, we’ve taken a look at five former stars still plying their trade who would be a massive asset to the current Arsenal side!

Hit the image below to see FIVE former Gunners Arsenal need still!




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