5 most overrated Premier League players – Agreed?

The punters here in the Transfer Tavern have adored this season’s Premier League so far this season. When you are entertained by the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero, only the most ardent pessimist would disagree.

It is not just the usual superstars that catch the eye either. Newboys such as Anthony Martial and Kevin De Bruyne have caught the eye, while emerging young talent such as Delle Alli and Jesse Lingaard are starting to interest many.

Even some of the dunces in the Premier League provide us with entertainment, the whole Aston Villa and Sunderland team make us glad that we don’t support these outfits.

The likes of Younes Kaboul and Alan Hutton continue to fill us with a mixture of joy, but also confusion as to why they continue to steal livings as Premier League footballers.

But while this mixture of talent and… lack of talent makes the Premier League what it is, there is always that same group of players who fan’s think are worthy of the Ballon D’or, but quite simply wouldn’t last five minutes on the biggest stage.

Indeed, it is those players who because of one good game, all of a sudden become £50m. Below, are the five most overrated players in the top flight.

Hit the image below to see the FIVE most overrated Premier League players


Roman Abramovich

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