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5 Reasons Spurs Will Overtake Arsenal This Season

After Sundays match between Tottenham and Arsenal the red half of North London was left in darkness.

Arsene Wenger used the word ‘painful’ a word that hasn’t been shy from his vocabulary since the start of the summer, while Harry was left with a smile on his face.

Asset Stripping: So what has led to these contrasting emotions? During the summer Spurs and Arsenal were fighting for their dear lives to keep hold of their best players. While Levy kept hold of Modric against the player’s wishes it left Redknapp with delight.

In contrast Arsene was left to just sit back and watch one by one his most prized assets sold. Already signs were indicating could this be the year for Spurs to finally reign over North London as the dominant club.

Remember this was a bid of around £40 million for Modric, more than that of Fabregas and Nasri for a player arguably not as talented  as the latter two and still didn’t decide to give in as tempting as it sounds.

Levy was clever he knew it would send out the wrong signals amongst the players and as a club and maybe one or two would have followed Modric had Levy gone against his beliefs. As for Arsenal they tried to stall as much as they could but by the end they gave into selling both and as a result have found themselves in a very tricky position.

Rash Buys: Arsene was left in limbo, he needed to freshen the team and silence his critics. It’s probably the reason why he panicked and spent a total of £55 million, dare I say (excluding Arteta) on very average players who are clearly not good enough to challenge the likes of United, City and Chelsea.

He didn’t buy enough players with quality or premier league experience such as Gary Cahill or Juan Mata now of Chelsea and has suffered the consequences for that.  As a result Arsenal find themselves 7 games in and still discussing the same issues from last year, that being of Arsenal and there woeful defence.

Denial: What is so strange and gets many Arsenal fans so frustrated, is the fact that this issue has yet to be addressed by Wenger himself. Gary Cahill was the obvious buy, a strong defender with experience and would only cost the club around £15 million. However Arsene could spend the same fee on a young inexperienced player in Oxlade-Chamberlain. Doesnt make sense right? So why does Wenger do this, what is the thinking behind his logic ?

In contrast Spurs and Harry only spent around 5 million and bought three top notch signings in Parker, Adebayor and Friedel that are not only experienced, but would do a job in areas Harry knew they had struggled.

Aswell as having faith in young Kyle Walker who has added pace and a more attacking threat to the team and getting rid of the fringe players who according to harry made  ‘the club  didn’t feel right’  has helped bring a spark and freshness to the team.

In addition someone like Redknapp saw an area that cost Spurs dearly last year went out his way to find someone with experience, and someone he can trust to fill  in the number one goalkeeping spot by signing Brad Friedal.

You look at the two starting line ups and squads from Sunday, and you come to ponder how this has happended? Tottenham were a team who would only dream of beating their arch rivals Arsenal in the Premier league, and now they are finding themselves clear favourites to beat them.

There is no comparison who has the better squad, and who looks more dangerous on the attack and at the back. Beside Van Persie you just fear where the creativity and threat is coming from, players that can hurt you at any second of the game.

We know Arsenal are desperately missing  Jack Wilshire and Thomas Vermaelan  both who are of significant importance to the team.   Where do they go from here? Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty sure Arsenal will be up there, come the end of the season, but not in the top four which will leave Arsenal in a real problem.

I believe there has been a role reversal between the two clubs; Tottenham as we have come to know over the years have always been known to be a selling club in previous years but have finally put an end to that, thus handing the status to Arsenal.

While Arsenal get weaker and weaker as the years pass by, this leaves Tottenham with a lot of optimism that they can finally press on. With the addition of quality players they seem to be recruiting each season it seems that the balance of power is finally looking like its heading towards the white half of North London.

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Article title: 5 Reasons Spurs Will Overtake Arsenal This Season

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