5 reasons why Arsenal are a bigger club compared to Chelsea

With London boasting so many football clubs, not a day goes by without two sets of supporters from rival clubs in the capital arguing it out. More often than not though, it’s Arsenal and Chelsea fans at each others throats.

Whilst Gooners will say their most important derby every year is against Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea’s lack of threat in West London sees them identify Arsenal as the biggest game. Whatever the stance though, come match day it’s always a fierce encounter.

Our punters have plenty of reasons to argue amongst themselves but a favourite topic recently has been about who is genuinely the bigger club and it got so bad that our landlord stepped in, put his foot down and decided the answer for himself.

In his eyes, Arsenal are the bigger club and will continue to be exactly that. Whilst it hasn’t gone down with the Chelsea supporting punters, he’s explained his decision with five reasons and they’ve certainly enhanced the debate.

We’ll discuss it in hushed tones, as the landlord has since banned these debates due to the problems that were caused. Keep it quiet!

Hit the image below to see FIVE reasons why Arsenal are bigger than Chelsea!




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