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£50M ONO But Let’s Just Get On With It, Eh?

As the tedious Carlos Tevez saga rolls on and on, Manchester City fans must be getting fed up with their talismanic frontman’s delaying tactics. As far as I’m concerned, Tevez will go. The nucleus of the issue is that the player does not want to play for Manchester City.

Whether this is because of the city as Tevez rather shamelessly reported on Argentinean television recently, whether it is due to him wanting to play for a bigger, better, more reputable team, or whether it is about money, all of these issues are subsidiary: the crux is that Tevez  is not happy at Eastlands.

Put it this way… If his heart was in it and he wanted to repay the faith of the manager and the affection of the fans, he certainly would not allow this distasteful inertia to occur. The Tevez conundrum represents the paradox of the big clubs: it is at the Citys, the Uniteds, the Arsenals and the Chelseas that the clubs’ stature and power is truly diminished.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney before him, Tevez now holds one the richest clubs in the world to ransom. All their might and muscle with which they blast opponents aside in the transfer market is reduced to a rather pitiable game of hopeful patience.

This would be intolerable to ‘smaller clubs’. Steve Bruce recently washed his hands of Darren Bent following the disrespectful way in which he made his desires to leave public. David Moyes too was happy to sell a star-struck Joleon Lescott who wished to move on.

But it is managers like Mancini and Ferguson who are left with baffling question of ‘if you don’t want money, fame and success, what else can I offer you?’

Not being a fan of one the big clubs, I find it all rather amusing. As an Evertonian, I am proud to think that only players who respect the manager and the fans, but above all else, respect the club, are allowed to wear the shirt.

It is also worth considering the attitude of the City fans. For a club that in recent times has built a reputation on bringing through young, hungry, local lads who are happy just to get a run-out, let alone be paid some astronomical figure to do so, it must be hard to stomach a superstar besmirching the name of the club in this way.

From my angle, though I acknowledge Tevez is an exceptional talent, and I own up to frequently lauding his outstanding displays for some years now, I hope he does move on, and I hope these players become a thing of the past in the English game.

I hope for more managers like Bruce and Moyes, and further back, like Brian Clough, who have no time for the ghastly egotism of the individual, and whose philosophies are built around a respect for the club that pay their wages.

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Article title: £50M ONO But Let’s Just Get On With It, Eh?

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