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A Footballing Dynasty

The Terry family is far from boring and no stranger to controversy. We have affairs, assault, cocaine dealing, shoplifting, excessive gambling and numerous other Miss Demeanours caused by John, Sue and Ted Terry in the last few years. It just shows that money can’t buy class. Let’s have a look down memory lane and see what the Terry’s have got up to in the past.

John Terry: The former England captain has a list of misdemeanours as long as my arm. We have urinating in a dustbin outside a nightclub in 2002, gambling £40,000 a week on horse and dog racing in 2004 and parking his Bentley in a disabled parking space in 2008, instead of parking in a 50p an hour car park yards away. We also have the assault charge of 2002, where Terry was accused of causing GBH on a nightclub doorman (he was found not guilty) and the taunting of some Americans in a London bar after the 9/11 attacks, which involved throwing food and exposing themselves in front of the upset Americans.

We also have the serial womanising before and after he married wife Toni Poole in 2007. Terry allegedly cheated on his wife nine times before they got married and then we had the infamous affair this year with Wayne Bridge’s ex Vanessa Perroncel, despite Terry claiming he would never cheat on his wife again. The irony is that Terry is the reigning “Dad of the Year”, having won a public poll run by Daddies Sauce last June. That’s irony for you…

Sue Terry: The Chelsea captain’s mum, along with his mother-in-law, were famously caught shoplifting £800 worth of goods from a Tesco and Marks and Spencer in 2008. Both women were cautioned and seeing as Terry earns around £130,000 a week and much more from sponsorship deals, they didn’t really need to steal. The irony was that Tesco is one of England’s official sponsors and M+S supplies suits for the England squad. Stupidity is a term that should be used here.

And then we move on to dad Ted Terry. The 55 year old unemployed father to the Chelsea captain was caught on camera trying to sell cocaine to an undercover reporter, asking him to not tell anyone that he was John Terry’s dad when he was doing it. Ted is due to appear in Basildon Magistrates Court next month and lives in a £250,000 house bought by his son. If his son earns so much money, why does he have to resort to selling £120 worth of coke and bring further embarrassment to his family?

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Article title: A Footballing Dynasty

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