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A ‘Transcript’ Of That Arry & Bond Phone Call…

A phone call takes place some where in the South West of England….Courtesy of @JellySmiff

Arry: Bondy! we’re back son! wax the car & WD40 the windows!!
Bond: Where we going Boss?……Bournemouth?
Arry: Naff off Bournemuff you!! I was only there rinsing some of the Swedish money! Fakin QPR!
Bond: Where’s that Boss…the sat nav cant find QPR?
Arry: Fakin Sheppards Bush you plum!…we’ll do well there…triffic market!
Bond: What about Joe Boss?
Arry: Dont know Bondy….he’s a bit too honest for my liking….takes the football too serious
Bond: Yeah he told me to Away an Boil yer heed once….was that mean Arry?
Arry: I’m finking of getting the boy Merson involved….fick as ! …good scapegoat for when fings go wrong…
Bond: What about players boss will the chairman give you any money to spend?
Arry: Fakin right Bondy!…geezers minted!…
Bond: So will you be getting Defoe & Crouch again?
Arry: Deffo gonna try for the little fella….dunno bout Crouchy though…already gotta big daft useless lump up top wiv Zomara
Bond: Has Willy got any players Boss?
Arry: Yeah says he’s gotta few Africans…brick khazis he reckons…luvly jubly!!!
Cause if you want the best ‘uns
And you don’t ask questions
Then brother I’m your man!

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Article title: A ‘Transcript’ Of That Arry & Bond Phone Call…

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