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The whispers over Tottenham’s new shirt and sponsor have been pretty much non stop since the word on Manson needing to bail broke earlier in the year. Manson are toast – Tottenham wise at least. That much is true.

Mansion had been scratching their collective heads and mumbling, ‘What in the name of a mocking God have we done?’ ever since the deal was penned. The good and kindly chap who orchestrated the Mansion side of things was  said to have been mysteriously lost at sea whilst on a fishing holiday, fired pensioned off soon after the impact of the preposterously lavish deal began to sink in at the gambling house.

The last we heard was that Mansion were trying to bail on the remaining elements of their contract and THFC weren’t interested. Presumably the two parties have, if not exactly kissed and made up, then certainly thrashed out something workable to prevent the whole thing going public and generally whisking up a whole heap of bad publicity for both parties.

So who’s next up? As we mentioned recently, two paint makers (Dulux and Liverpool cast offs, Crown) and Bloomberg are supposedly the final three. Who Daniel Levy approaches with a sash, kisses and pronounces Miss Tottenham is anyone’s guess.

What is of more interest is who the manufacturer might be. Designs last season were a disgrace and even the captured market that is a football audience with too much money and too little sense seemed to give Glory In Three Colours a modest enough swerve. The pissy yellow bits were awful and matters were compounded by the 80’s hip hop track suit pattern used to fill that crappy bit at the front.

Equally annoying was the production quality. How much attention do the buyers at THFC actually pay when they’re looking at this stuff? £40 and the stuff snags quicker than a Polish builder on a promise or is made from ‘cloth’ thinner than Lorraine Chase’s neck.Even the player’s shirts look like they were previously enjoyed as cleaner’s rags for washing down the bog walls. Bale looked like his had shrunk.

So there’s a bloke on Spurs Community saying it’s Adidas. Die Marke Mit … you know the sketch. I hope so. But can I just get a quick request in? I noticed that the French strip had some bizarre black insulating tape all over it. No thanks. You can keep that.

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Article title: Adidas?

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