Andy Gray Diary Pages Found In A London Litter Bin

The Transfer Tavern for want of something better to do has been avidly following the dramatic events surrounding the Face Of Football, Andy Gray.

The events that have unfolded over the past 72 hours have divided opinion. Some see Gray as misogynist dinosaur – others believe the world is now a Politically Correct circus. But what does seem to unite both factions is that the world won’t miss Andy Gray.

He was a man with a head so big it had it’s own gravitational pull. But what went on in that mind? What of the inner sexist? In an astonishing revealing 3 pages of his personal diary,  we can for the very first time get a true sense of what Being Andy Gray was like.

Discovered by one of our leading reporters who also happens to work part time as a Refuse Consultant for a the London borough of Knightsbridge, we felt obligated to share these pages covering 3 days in the life of the Face Of Football.


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