‘April fools was a month ago’ – Chelsea fans aren’t very happy after latest club announcement

It’s always an exciting day when kit announcements are made, with fans eager to see the shirt that they will be wearing every weekend for the next year.

For Chelsea, in particular, it’s an exciting time – as they’ve had quite a few brilliant kits over the years.

Who could forget the classic grey and orange number from the 1990s, or even Chelsea’s gold-themed kit from 2012 in-part celebrating the London-based Olympic Games of that year?

Chelsea’s kit reveal this year was particularly exciting given that next season will be only their second year under the Nike banner, and so knowing how the kit would change year-to-year was generating a lot of talk amongst fans.

Fortunately, that day came on Friday, with Chelsea officially announcing and revealing their new kit over on Twitter. Whilst using the standard blue colour as its base, it’s white and red trim has certainly generated a lot of talk in the Transfer Tavern. 

Of course, red isn’t often a colour favoured by the Blue half of London, and so it will come as no surprise to see that a lot of fans aren’t too happy with the new ensemble.

Indeed, fans have taken to Twitter to respond to the announcement, and it’s fair to say that they aren’t too happy. One supporter has even suggested that the whole thing is merely an April Fools’ joke.

Take a look at what they’ve had to say below…

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