Arsenal boss demands changes to stop drug cheats

WengerArsenal fans in the Transfer Tavern are wondering how wide-spread an issue in football truly is after hearing comments from their manager, who wants authorities to wipe-out cheats in football.

Speaking exclusively to BeIn Sportsthe long-serving Arsenal boss stated that rules need to change in order to stop doping. When asked if he was satisfied by the levels of testing by the authorities, he replied:

“No, I’m not. I’m not satisfied with the level of testing because I believe blood tests should be done. If you want to go into a bit more sophistication you have to do blood checks. Urine checks are superficial and not deep enough to say absolutely sure that we have no doping problem in football.”

“I think no and I wish no but on the other hand, can you have 740 football players at a World Cup and come out with zero alert on any doping? It’s a little bit surprising. I hope it is true but I think to be completely sure about it, you want to go into deeper tests.”

Wenger stated he has never experienced doping first-hand during his long career but has his suspicions in some cases, although he believes it’s not a problem in Premier League football.

A case that involved Arsenal did take centre-stage earlier this season though, where a member of Dinamo Zagreb’s squad was found guilty of doping after the victory over the Gunners. However, although the rules were followed, the result was not changed and the punishments seem to be minimal in the eyes of Wenger.

Supporters at the bar are concerned with the credibility of professional sport after the doping crisis that has rocked the world of athletics, leading to a huge ban for the Russian federation, and many are concerned these issues could be present in football.

Is Arsene Wenger right, do the rules need to be changed? Should a result be overturned if a member of the squad is found guilty? Let us know in the comments below!

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