Arsenal fans take to Twitter to discuss John Cross’ Ozil verdict

Arsenal fans take to Twitter to discuss John Cross’ Ozil verdict

As you can imagine, the main talking point when it comes to Arsenal at the moment is the situation surrounding Mesut Ozil. In yesterday’s Sunday Supplement, with comments via Sky Sports New, John Cross was talking about the issues with the German and he claimed that Ozil just isn’t an Emery player as he doesn’t fit the Spaniard’s philosophies.

The Daily Mirror’s chief football writer was keen to express his point that Ozil just does not fit the system at Arsenal and that it’s not down to a rift between the player and the manager that these issues are cropping up. However, that doesn’t explain why the Spanish gaffer tried to sign Ozil in his final summer as the PSG boss, as why would he look to sign a player who doesn’t fit his system?

That’s why the Gunners have been chiming in with their verdict. Cross also claimed that Emery ‘demands an intense style of play’ yet the fans were left wondering where he’s got that from, seeing as they so rarely see this intensity unless they’re playing in a must-win derby clash. These questions are ones that no one other than Emery or Ozil can answer, and the fans will be delighted when their ongoing problems are resolved.

You can read the Gunners’ verdict on Cross’ comments here:

The Gunners are desperate for their Ozil situation to be resolved quickly and they’re just not buying Cross’ explanation on the matter.

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