Arsenal & Everton Look On As City ‘Do A Chelsea’…

Everyone likes winning. It’s obviously a lot of fun and is the reason there are so many glory supporters. People like to feel like they are a part of something and be associated with the triumphs of a successful team.

I have been thinking lately about the amount of pride fans of clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City fans can claim when they buy their way to success. This of course is not a new phenomenon and it could be argued that the wealth of clubs such as Manchester United has been one of the most important factors in their continuing success, but does football clubs’ buying their way to success come a cost of tainted satisfaction from winning?

The huge turnaround in the financial and footballing successes of Chelsea and Manchester City is unprecedented. Their instant success is akin to a homeless person winning the lottery and it makes a mockery of teams like Everton and Arsenal who have tried to incrementally build successful squads from season to season with much less extravagant budgets.

Its been years since I have played any kind of football manager video game, but I remember part of the fun of it was taking a team from the lower divisions and taking them up the leagues by making shrewd signings and having good tactics. This concept would be totally defunct if you were to manage a team where there are unlimited funds available and the option to go out and buy all the worlds’ greatest players.

Also I’ve been thinking about how this mentality upon which clubs go out and spend ludicrous amounts of money on player after player is affecting the game. If the club places greater emphasis on bringing in talent from outside the club it could have a detrimental effect upon the up and coming players within the current team. Certainly when there is a take over of a club by an eccentric billionaire most of the teams current players who have worked hard to get the team where it is can look forward to being replaced by an array of new players and can kiss goodbye to playing first team football.

A lot of fans would love a foreign billionaire to come in and take over and make over their clubs, but for me there is something honourable about clubs who persevere season after season with limited budgets that still manage to bring success.

So my question is: Is winning by any means necessary everything, or is the way in which a club goes about winning more important?

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