Easter Bunny – Magdalena Graaf

‘Never a dull moment’ ought be this Bunny’s motto. This then from here wiki entry, ‘ In her late teens, Graaf became pregnant with her son Isak. Instead of burdening or embarrassing her religious parents, she married her Finnish gangster boyfriend Jorma whom she was already living with. During this time, she was physically and emotional abused.After Graaf was shot in the leg, she left her husband despite threats against her and her family. She eventually reported him to the proper authorities. As a result, she was placed under protective custody and given new identities.’

If that didn’t catch you attention, then the images below may well seem a little pedestrian too. Yeah right.

Magdalena then rather mundanely, if happily went on to marry retired Swedish goalkeeper Magnus Hedman. Magnus had a fling and the couple got divorced.

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