Is This A Potentially Exciting Deal Or Just ‘Made Up’ By The Sun?

With Walcott’s future under much dispute, reports suggest that Arsenal may try and off-load the winger in a make-weight deal for Sterling, plus a further 8 million on top. Would this be an adequate deal for both parties? Somehow I think not.

If you were to look at it purely financially, then this deal would make sense. Although with Sterling’s stock high and Walcott’s somewhat lower, I can’t see Liverpool taking the bait. Don’t get me wrong Liverpool would make a huge profit on Sterling,  receive a player with a lot of potential and also money for the striker they need.  However accepting this deal would be a backwards step for Liverpool.

With Sterling they have a up-and-coming star at 17-years of age, skinning people over a decade older than him, consistently performing at the highest level and working well in a team rather than working for himself. Two of those categories I don’t think apply to Walcott.

If Arsenal were to get Sterling then I think that would be a massive coup for them. At the moment Walcott looks certain to go, but with Sterling and Oxlande-Chamberlain they would have two of the best up-and coming wingers in the Premiership. Although I think  some Gunner’s may be hesitant to put too much faith in a player so young; and of very little experience.

I still think Walcott would be a good signing for Liverpool though. By playing off of the striker I think he could score a lot of goals. However Liverpool aren’t a small club, they are one of the biggest in the world. Clubs like Southampton, Swansea, West Ham – these are teams that sell their youngster’s for profit at the price of their future. Liverpool as it seems, are wanting to invest in their future, so why would they aim to cash in on one of their best youngsters?

What do you think ? Would you accept this deal? Have your say below. 

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