Kean, Coyle, Bruce …Then Wenger

Do we have sympathy for managers these days? We have come to terms that being in charge of a Premiership team in the fiercest league comes at a heavy price.

Already 7 games into the new campaign and we are discussing who is favourite to get the sack first. It has just become a bit of a Déjà vu type  situation for managers to find themselves in.

Managers have one of the best jobs around, but it does come with severe consequences that could put anyone off. They realise and understand the fact that they are very fortunate to be in a position which most of us would ever dream of having. Probably the reason why so many of us play football manager, but if your not careful you can be chucked out the door by the chairmen before you can even say door.

Now days, a string of consecutive results could mean the end of the line for managers. If it goes all accordingly to plan, then being a manager feels like heaven, however when it all turns sour, it can feel like you are all alone trapped in a very deep dark hole.

Steve Kean knew when he accepted the position as manager of Blackburn Rovers he would have a daunting task ahead of him. To be fair Kean shouldn’t have got the job anyway, with a lack of managerial experience under his belt, it was very hard to see any other outcome than the one they are in now.

Sam Allardyce was wrongly removed from his duty as manager, after he had stabilised the security of the clubs position as a Premiership club.  Blackburn under Allardyce didn’t play the most attractive football but they were effective and solid and had the fans behind them.

Bookies have made Steve Kean clear favourites on being the first manager to be sacked at 4/7. This has come as no shock, and the disgruntled Blackburn fans have everyone reason to want him out. After there 4-0 loss at Ewood Park to Manchester City fans were not shy of voicing there opinions.

This was a guy who just secured their survival last year on the final day after being in a comfortable position when Allardyce was in charge, and now they find themselves in 19th position as the new season gets underway. With only 3 wins in 21 games those odds do look justified.

Owen Coyle does on the other hand deserve more time before we can start questioning his future. He brought a new dimension and style to Bolton’s game with many praising his efforts.  It was hard for Bolton and Owen Coyle to improve on the success they had last year after losing Sturridge and Elmander and not being able to invest in a striker good enough to fill that role. Hardly Coyle’s fault for that!

In addition the fixture list wasn’t too kind on them either. Having to play 5 of the top clubs in the country in your first 7 matches is always going to be a difficult task for any team. Bolton should be judged on the next 7 matches which are all winnable games for them and then we can form our own conclusions. Owen Coyle is at 9/1 to be sacked first.

Steve Bruce’s situation doesn’t bode to well for him. Sunderland have only won 2 games since New Years Day and signs of improving that stat doesn’t look like its happening any time soon based on previous performances. Since the departures of Bent, Kenwyne Jones, Henderson and Gyan, Sunderland are looking like a team not capable of scaring opposition this season which sends out the wrong signs.

He did recruit well in the summer in the likes of Wes Brown and O’Shea but it was the striker area that needed the most attention. The purchases of Bendtner didn’t quite send out alarm bells.

Bendtner speaks for itself and with signing Wickham, it was a buy more for the future rather than a player who can step up to the plate and get them out of the current situation they find themselves in. Bruce is at 9/4 to leave but after signing a contract extension in February it will cost a hefty sum of money to get ride of the manager. You never know though, this is football after all.

All the talk of Wenger being in the running of getting sacked this season is just ludacrous. Two wins, one draw and four defeats does spell panic for a club like Arsenal and if the current form is anything to go by, the exclusion of from next season’s Champions League would be completely unthinkable. Never before have we seen many fans turn their backs on Wenger but it is the Frenchman’s wrong doings that have led to this. Not sorting out the defence situation, and not being able to replace Nasri or Fabregas have led to Arsenal’s downfall.

However in saying that, if anyone deserves time to rethink his strategy and vision it is Wenger himself.  Who would be able to replace him anyway? Wenger is at 22/1 to get sacked.

It was reported that figures showed clubs spent a total of £100m on changing their managers last season. A figure that will probably continue to rise this year. Remember in any job where you are paid vast amounts of money and do it to a standard that doesn’t meet the clubs and fans expectations, you would be shown the door. So football shouldn’t be any different if the reasons are validated.

With unemployed managers lurking around looking for jobs, and with fans on your back, there will be no surprise if we see a change in due course. Managers must accept they are involved and committed to a fatal game of chance.

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