“My successor needs foundations on which he can be successful”

Arsene Wenger has hinted at the possibility of ending his 15 year reign as Arsenal manager at the end of the season.

The 62-year-old Frenchman told L’Equipe magazine that he will re-evaluate his position as manager at the end of the season.Wenger said: “What is hard is the feeling something is finishing. For me, we’re now talking short term, it’s obvious, but whether it’s with me or someone else, it changes nothing. My successor needs foundations on which he can be successful,” added the Arsenal manager.

The Frenchman who has two years left on his current contract was a relative unknown in England, with the ‘Evening Standard’ welcoming his appointment with the headline ‘Arsene Who?’ Since then he has become a pivotal figure in the game and is an inspiration to all aspiring managers. He has led his team to three Premier League titles and four FA Cup wins and famously produced the Invincibles in 2003/2004. However since 2005, the majestic Arsene has failed to win a trophy which has led to criticism and anger by some Arsenal fans who believe his time is up.

In September, owner Stan Kroenke was adamant that Wenger’s future as Arsenal boss was in his own hands, and that only he could decide when to end his stay there.

When asked whether he would still be in charge at the club next season, he replied: “We’ll look at things at the end of this one.”

The Arsenal boss also conceded that losing star players Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona and Samir Nasri to Manchester City in the summer had a significant effect on him.

“For the first time I lost young players, who were reaching maturity. I suffered. It’s painful to lose key men you have invested a lot in,” he said. “[Bad results] broke the squad. I often call it ‘the season of the last minute’,”

Wenger does hope his side can maintain their impressive run of late and finish 2011 on a high.

“We’ll see in December where we can finish,” he said. “It was necessary to reconstruct the squad in a climate where we were lacking confidence. It takes time.”

Whether you love him or hate him it cannot be denied that Arsene understands and breathes football. He possesses a raw talent that not too many other managers can boast about in that he can spot potential from a distance. His ability to keep on breeding young and talented players and then turn them into global superstars is nothing but extraordinary and plausible. If Arsene were to leave  it would be a great shame and loss to the game.

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