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The Top 5 Transfer Trouble-makers

The modern football world is very different from the football environment of just twenty years or so ago. 

With the rise of Sky TV and the resultant cash injection into the game from TV rights, the game as many of us knew it in the past has changed almost beyond comprehension. 

Football has become much more of a business and less of a game.  Long gone are the days of football being a working class game.  The players are now predominantly millionaires and the cost of a season ticket seems to have risen exponetially over the years.

The opportunity to make large sums of money has made football much more cut-throat and thus traits such as loyalty come second to the chance to make a quick buck.  No longer will a player spending his entire career at one club be feasible.  To make the most financially it is necessary for a player to transfer around as much as possible.

Some players have even taken to engineering transfer moves in order to financially gain as often as possible.  In order to try to force their current clubs to sell they try to disrupt things as much as possible.  They dilerately perform under par, publicly criticise fellow players, managers and directors and in some cases have even refused to play.

We look at the worst five players who seem to try to engineer transfer moves through the most disloyal behaviour imaginable:


The Argentine has to be the most unbelievable example of ‘so called’ player power in his attempts to force Manchester City to sell him.  He was the City captain, was paid a handsome wage and seemed to be able to score at will.  Incredibly this was not enough for the striker.

He handed  a transfer request in last season and seemed to be determined to force a move back to South America.  His actions to force the move included refusing to come on as a sub in a European game in Munich and going AWOL for half of the season.  Unbelievably welcomed back at the Etihad during the season close to enjoy the Premier league championship win he did his best to scupper.


One of the most mercenary of footballers in recent years.  Forced Arsenal to sell him in 2009 to Manchester City through a series of lack-lustre performances.  Then became tired at Eastlands and refused to report for pre-season training.  Stated on numerous occasions his desire to move to Real Madrid.  Unfortunately for him Real did not seem as keen on him so he moved to Tottenham on a season long loan.  Small chance he will be present next season.


When he was linked with a move from Marseille to Newcastle last summer it was initially thought to be a wild rumour.  This was until he travelled to St. James’ Park to beg for a transfer and stated that he wouldn’t play for Marseille again, or even return until the move was finalised.


The king of engineering moves through poor performances.  Forced his move to Wigan from Newcastle in January 2009 by being so uninterested that then manager Joe Kinnear dubbed him ‘insomnia’.  Same thing happened to force his move to Aston Villa, with him even threatening to go on strike at the DW stadium if he wasn’t allowed to move.


Bought by Nottingham Forest in late 1997 in an attempt to save the club from relegation.  They went down anyway but his 34 goals in the Championship brought them straight back up.  The club promised the striker they would strengthen the team, but when Pierre was unhappy with the transfers brought in he went on strike.  After refusing to play he eventually forced himself a move back to Holland, signing for Vitesse Arnhem in 1999.

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Article title: The Top 5 Transfer Trouble-makers

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