“They Cannot Afford To Lose Him” Warns Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas indirectly hinted to ex-teammate Robin Van Persie that if he doesn’t leave now he risks staying a Gunner for life. The Arsenal skipper has yet to sign a new contract, fuelling speculation that he could leave Arsenal with a whole swarm of European clubs monitoring his situation.

The Dutchman has stated he will not discuss contract negotiations until the end of the season, waiting in hope to see what the future holds for his beloved team.

Fabregas who left Arsenal in the summer will have not done his relationship any good with the Arsenal fans as he believes Van Persie needs to think wisely about his decision.

The 24-year-old gifted midfielder said: “I don’t know if they will keep him. It is his decision. At his age, if he wants to move it will be his last chance and if he wants to stay he will stay and retire at Arsenal. We will see what he decides but he’s been very loyal to Arsenal for a few years. He is a key player, the fans love him. He is the role model of Arsenal, the star player and they cannot afford to lose him.”

There is no doubt Van Persie loves Arsenal; both Cesc and Van Persie were adamant and hungry to win silverware with the club, but some dreams don’t always turn into a reality. The only difference between the two was that Cesc lost patience and left while Van Persie continued to fight on and believe. If Arsenal are not too careful, they could find themselves in the same scenario with the Dutchman.

When Cesc left many questioned how he would fit into a team already blessed with a crop of  talented midfielders. However he has silenced his doubters and has started the season in blistering form scoring 5 times and winning two trophies along the way-something that he hadn’t experienced with Arsenal for 6 years.

On his move to Barca, he added: “It is like a dream.”  Cesc followed his dream, and maybe Robin has to sacrifice something that is so dear to his heart in order to follow his dream as well.

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