Arsene Quoted €18M For Global Household Name But Will He Be Remotely Impressed?

The Scrooge of North London failed in a bid to get the Arsenal faithful back on side by landing the former player of the year Kaka.

Arsene’s first step to redemption was leading his team into the group stages of CL. His next step is to find proven talent to replace the exodus from the Emirates.

According to the Daily Mail, Wenger wanted to loan Kaka from Real Madrid for a season but Real would prefer to off-load the big earner completely, pricing their star at €18m.

The 29 old would have little if any resale value once his contract with Arsenal began to unwind. With this a fact, we all know Ebenezer Wenger very rarely buys players without a decent resale price, the deal looks a dud.

But times a getting desperate at the Emirates and Wenger knows unless there is a massive turnaround, football being a fickle  sport,  then the time is ticking on his Arsenal reign. Desperate men are often forced to change their ways and beliefs. Paying€18m for an aging but  proven game changer may be Arsene’s second step into redemption.

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