Arsene’s Panic Buys Fool Nobody…

It was more like rushing to the high street on christmas eve to buy your presents, at this point, you know it’s too late, but anything will do.

Well this is how Arsene Wenger has conducted his transfer dealings in the last transfer window, each and every single one of his deadline day purchases  where nothing more than an attempt to cover up the cracks and appease the fans until January at least. Does he believe that Arsenal fans are stupid? If any Arsenal fans were expecting a Kaka or an Eden Hazard than you can forget about that.

I am sure nobody would argue with me, when I say Fabregas and Nasri where arguably some of the best midfielders in Europe, let alone the Premiership, Fabregas has one of the highest assist ratio in the whole of Europe over the past few seasons, and between him and Samir Nasri it would be no imagination to say you could get a minimum of 20 goals between them at worst, and you could easily add another 20 assist on top of that between the pair. So what do we have to replace them?

Mikel Arteta is a talented footballer, and technically easy on the eye, a trainee at Barcelona, he was never able to make the cut to the senior squad. He has played for Rangers, Real Sociedad and then finally settling at Everton. At 29, he has yet to get a call up from Spain. And is going to find it difficult considering the midfield they currently possess.

An injury prone player for the last 2 seasons with Everton, to put it bluntly, in the past 3 seasons he has scored 14 goals and made 7 assists. And at £10 million pounds, Wenger has given him a 4 year deal. So this is the player we have brought to replace Fabregas?

Firstly, this would have been a good buy, if we still had Fabregas and Nasri at the club, in my eyes, he would have been a great addition to an already strong squad. But is he really the big name signing Arsenal really wanted? definitely not. Yossi Benayoun, didn’t really have a fair crack at the whip at Chelsea, he is no Samir Nasri, but a decent loan signing, to add some creativity which will be needed in the midfield.

Wenger has also gone for the giant German defender Per Mertesacker , a player he has been tracking for a while, but I would have been more happy if he had gone for Gary Cahill and Samba instead. He also shelled out £6.2 million for Brazilian left back Andre Santos. Bar the midfielders, Wenger has decided to bring in 2 defenders with no Premiership experience and will need time to adapt to English football.

I still believe Arsenal will bring in a few big signings in the January  transfer window, but it’s clear to see, the current signings where never his main targets, Arsenal are playing for nothing more than 4th place at best this season, and even that is going to be a tough task.

This is going to be Arsene Wengers most difficult season, if Arsenal cannot consolidate 4th place again, He will have to look at his position and maybe call it a day at Arsenal, or possibly move up to a technical director’s role. As with any legacy, nothing good ever lasts, and while other clubs have moved on, Arsenal FC look to have been left behind.

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