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The Week In Football

These are the weeks that routinely provide us with the most memorable death throes of the season. And this week did not fail us. We’ll kick off, off the the pitch. The Times On-line has announced it plans to charge. I’ve always respected girls who do. Having the courage or even gall to bill for one’s services is is only to be applauded. If you can get away with it. Common sense would dictate that in a market place where all the other girls are giving it away for free and then looking at The Times, I fail to see their unique selling point.

The counter argument evades that challenge by demanding that content should not be free, writers, editors etc should be paid. There isn’t a business model in the world based upon the word should. The starving should be fed. The homeless should be fed. These are respectable ideals and designs of charity. Perhaps the wording on the Times’ direct debit form will read, ‘Please give generously. Minimum donations £1 per day or £2 per week. Thank you.’

All I can see is that Murdoch has got it wrong again. My Space anyone ? Wings, the band the Beatles could have been, eh? The Telegraph has moneyfied it’s online business by selling things to their readership. Wine, clothing, iron maidens, you name it. Anyway, any move that removes Patrick Barclay’s pro Arsenal thoughts from the mainstream of Internet users is ultimately a good thing.

An equally example of poor judgement inevitably came from David Sullivan. No surprise as I say. One only has to watch the telly footage East End Napoleon strutting about the West Ham car park to see that this man is headache in shoes. Shoes that almost certainly contain lifts and carry tassles.

Franc Zola is said to be considering his future. I have some brief words of advice. Not ‘Run Forest, Run’, but just two. Constructive and Dismissal. The poor guy has been undermined by mock support and a media campaign that hasn’t copied him in. Is Zola the right man for the job? Who knows, while the Dubious Duo are still the owners of West Ham there will never be a right man for the job.

Mark Hughes’ name has been bandied about. Not by Hughes of course. But this is the same mob that allegedly were prepared to pay Van Nistleroy £100,000 a week, days after announcing the Club’s entire existing staff were going to take a pay cut. I’m surprised they haven’t linked themselves to Mourinho or even Capello. ‘Link’ in this instance as in the way something frequently brown and smelly ‘links’ itself to the sole of one’s shoe on a hot day.

What will become of the Ammers? Self destruction seems inevitable. Gold and Sullivan seem to have played every card in their daft pack. We’ve had the flag waving card, as they reminded us that West Ham were a British Club (wink wink), then the blame card, as they announced it was the staff and players that were draining the lifeblood from Bolelyn with their inflated salaries. As a backdrop to this they are lobbying to be allowed to move to the Olympic Stadium. This seems a rather elaborate home for a Championship side.

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