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Three Reasons Why™ Brendan Rodgers Should Stay Put!

Brendan Rodgers has had a remarkable season with Swansea. As generally happens when a club does unexpectedly well, players and managers get recognition. This recognition often leads to interest from other clubs. Rodgers is no different, with his name being linked to almost every vacant and possible vacant position in football.

Brendan Rodgers has had a remarkable season with Swansea.  As generally happens when a club does unexpectedly well, players and managers get recognition.   This recognition often leads to interest from other clubs.   Rodgers is no different, with his name being linked to almost every vacant and possible vacant position in football.

But should Brendan be really thinking about moving up to a perceived bigger club or should he concentrate on consolidating what he has achieved at the Liberty Stadium this season?

It is true that Rodgers signed a new contract in February this year to extend his current contract another three and a half years.  This new contract will ensure Swansea are financially compensated should Rodgers be enticed elsewhere.  In a article in The Mail the compensation clause in his contract is reported to be around the £5m mark.  This would certainly be enough for Swansea to replace Rodgers with another top manager.

It is not the Swansea fans, players and football club that I believe would be the biggest losers in the departure of Rodgers, but Rodgers himself.  Undoubtedly he would be missed but no man is bigger than any one football club.  We have seen before time and time again in football that no one  is indespencible.  I think if Rodgers does go he will be damaging his own career immeasurably and below are three reasons way:

Whether Rodgers goes to Tottenham, Chelsea or a slightly smaller name such as Aston Villa he will instantly be under pressure to deliver results.  His reputation as a quality manager and the record he has achieved at Swansea will mean any new employer will naturally expect him to deliver the same results from day one.

Unfortunately for Rodgers football rarely seems to work that way.  He will be walking into a new system where things will no doubt be done a little differently than at Swansea. He will be required to work with unfamiliar players and coaching staff.  As a result Rodgers will need time to settle in, gain respect and learn the ropes. However time seems to be the one thing rarely given to a new manager in the modern game.  Just look at AVB at Chelsea.

Rodgers has already done all the hard work at Swansea He has sewn the seeds of success at the Welsh club and he should stay to reap the rewards and continue the development at the club.  Should he leave for a club like Villa then he would end up having to establish them as a force in the Premiership once again from scratch.  Should he leave for a club such as Chelsea or Tottenham then the foundations for success are there already, but as said previously he may not receive the time needed to impliment and changes he needs to make.

He has the backing and respect of Swans chairman Huw Jenkins This for me is the main reasons Rodgers should stay in South Wales.  In the modern game support from the board and the chairman is key.   A supportive chairman can give the manager the time and money needed to achieve success at a club.  An unsupportive chairman and you get the kind of revolving door scenerio they’ve got at Chelsea.

Rodgers’ future still seems to be uncertain.  What Rodgers does seem to be aware of though is the ups and downs of football.  In an interview with BBC radio 5 at the start of April he outlined his happiness at being at Swansea and the risks of rushing to achieve success elsewhere:

“Every manager will tell you they want to get to the top of the mountain and challenge for trophies.  But I learned (when leaving Watford for Reading) that I tried to run all the way there, I fell over and fell all the way down.  I’ve now found a club that’s perfect for me.  I’m 39 years of age so I hope to have longevity, and somewhere down the line I hope to have the opportunity.”

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