Attention Arsenal fans! This guy looks like you’re cherished prize!

Look at this poor fella.

He’s been dealt a poor hand in life to be fair, but it’s not his fault, all you can do is play the hand you’ve been given.

Most people would share a little sympathy towards the man but there’s no sympathy heading this man’s way from any of our harsh punters today.

In fact the fans here in the Football Transfer Tavern have reacted sympathetically towards the fans that lifted this poor fell up by the ears, rather than the poor fella himself.

They’re of the opinion that it was a pure accident on the fans’ part as they may have honestly thought it was the FA Cup trophy!

After all, it’s been so long since either Arsenal fans or Hull City fans had clapped eyes on a trophy that they probably wouldn’t have known the difference!

Arsenal fans will now not be able to use this excuse following their extra-time win so they will have to refrain from his behaviour, but Hull City…

Okay; football fans are a notoriously harsh bunch but there is no way this can be true.

Seriously, he looks like a rubbish Gary Lineker lookalike!


Click below for a sneak preview…

Ford Mustang

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