ATTENTION Liverpool fans; watch the skies this weekend!

Liverpool fans are looking seriously shocked here in the Football Transfer Tavern.

This is after they hear from our landlord that some of their fans – or more likely a Manchester United prankster – are willing to fly a banner over Anfield during their home fixture against Chelsea this forthcoming weekend.

Now this is not a banner like the one Cristiano Ronaldo recently received from Manchester United fans pining for him, oh no!

It is one that suggests Brendan Rodgers’ time at the club is up and even employs a hashtag that Arsenal fans are so fond of using in regards to their own manager. Except this time, it will read #RodgersOut.

Now as our landlord notes, Liverpool might not have been as good as we anticipated this season but there is no reason to demand their manager gets the sack! For a start, just who would they replace him with?

Football fans, according to our landlord, have gone mad!

Have a look at this ludicrous banner for yourselves below!


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