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Barcelona legend reveals he thought Man United boss was an idiot

Xavi (Barcelona)Manchester United fans almost choked on their drinks laughing in the Transfer Tavern this afternoon after a former player of Louis Van Gaal didn’t mince his words when speaking about the Dutch boss.

In an exclusive interview with ESPNBarcelona legend Xavi Hernandez lifted the lid on the former Holland boss, who he worked under during the duo’s time at Catalonia, and the early impressions were not good.

“After two days of training under him, I thought, ‘Who is this idiot?’ After a week, I thought, ‘He’s right.’ He’ll always be in my heart, Louis van Gaal.”

Fortunately, Van Gaal changed the Spanish midfielder’s perception of him and now Xavi rates him very highly, though stating he’s under less pressure in the Premier League.

“[He is a] good person, very good trainer. He has a very strong character, but he’s calm in the Premier League because there’s less pressure. He’s much calmer than when he was at Barca or Bayern Munich.”

“He’s honest, methodical and a real perfectionist. He’s very demanding, he’s strict and he wants to achieve the highest levels possible.”

Fans at the bar aren’t convinced that the Premier League demands less pressure, especially with Manchester United locked in a battle for the league title, but are pleased to hear that one of the finest players this millennia backs their current boss.

Van Gaal has faced his fair-share of criticism in the bar, and in the British media, but he’s starting to prove his point as he pushes for domestic glory and assembles a squad that can challenge now, as well as looking extremely promising for the future.

United fans, is Louis Van Gaal the perfect manager for you? What changes does he need to make, if any? Let us know in the comments below!

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